Trophies awarded to Bobbybick

Posting Trophies

  1. Can't Stop! (10 points)

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!

Reaction Score Trophies

  1. I LOVE IT! (20 points)

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.

P/RS Ratio Trophies

  1. Decent P/RS Level 1 (9 points)

    This is for achieving a post to reaction score of 1 with 250 posts. Decent.

Anniversary Trophies

  1. 3 year Anniversary! (10 points)

    You are a wizened 3 year FoH Veteran

Lurking Trophies

  1. Lurker Class 5 (25 points)

    Please don't hurt us Mr. NSA Director