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  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If it's for hot Asian pussy.
    THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!!!!!!!!
    Wait are you telling me girls who will fuck on camera for $ will fuck off camera for $
    So you are saying porn should be commercials for whores? I think that's fair.
    What if? What if?
    What if? What if?
    What If I?
    If you aren't disgusted after ejaculating you weren't looking at depraved enough shit.
    No it's called the moment of clarity.
    If a dude with tits fucks another dude with tits is it more or less gay than normal gay?
    Can it top the swamp donkey threads though?
    Snowflakes already disabled because of snowflakes
    Christmas Music is awful, need more Metal Christmas.
    "Read My Lips - Jeb's a faggot" - G Dub Senior
    I like potato salad.
    Yeah would need to give out the free kills at like 25 or something.
    PC games are for suckers mobile gaming is the future. What do you fags not have phones?
    Yeah Popeyes has been shitting on the colonel for years.
    Fat chicks bragging they got big titties.. nah bitch you got fat titties..not the same
    People who do not eat bacon cannot be trusted.
    But I wanna play Red Dead 2 now!!
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