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  • What happened to Fallout 5-75?
    Reverse the rape? Either way if it isn't a legitimate rape the body will shut down.
    that seems like good advice for any situation.
    Money goes into your mattress avoiding Jews 101
    90s are where its at
    The 90's were better than the 2000's
    The national suicide prevention hotline should tell people to tweet out "I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton"
    So if you reverse rape 10 fats chicks and regular rape one hot chick you are still at negative nine rapes? So basically a hero?
    Does reverse rape cancel out rape? Thus setting the rape counter to zero?
    Because nobody wants to see that blubber. It's also funny that fat chicks think their fat titties make up for their nastiness. WRONG
    Easter Bunny vs Jesus bare knuckle boxing who wins?
    That can't be right I was told Jesus was Kangz. Where the fro?
    Shame Trump didnt smash Sasha Grey instead.
    I just want to give a shout out to tonight's MVP booze. Thank you for helping us tolerate family, without you we would be sober n miserable
    If 2+2=4 then hooking up with 2 5's count the same as banging one 10.
    Goddamn John Wick is such a good movie.
    you're gonna go blind, and get hairy palms
    If you ban them they will come?
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