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  • If 2+2=4 then hooking up with 2 5's count the same as banging one 10.
    Goddamn John Wick is such a good movie.
    you're gonna go blind, and get hairy palms
    If you ban them they will come?
    They all came back
    If a Trap fucks a Trap is it still gay? More gay or Less gay or Same gay?
    Giving people AIDS is legal in Cali. Sound like someone could do the lords work with a syringe filled with AIDS blood. #quiltthis
    Can you rape A.I.?
    So it's not just me then. They really are crazy whores. Confirmed from multiple people. WE JUST DID SCIENCE #realscience
    Yeah my brother married an EMT she is into blood play, I asked nor needed further details.
    Speaking of whores. In the last year or so I have hooked up with some EMT chicks and they all seem to be easy sluts who like to be degraded.
    But the hooker has to be extra broken to do donkey shows so you can pay her less. It's one of lifes mysteries.
    I still wanna know if a hooker doing a Donkey Show gets paid more or less. One one hand you would think it would be more but then again...
    No the value of their pussy just goes down with time. So they charge less and less until nobody will pay or they die. #Hookersaredeadinside
    "Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time! Cool Runnings!"
    Disney's remaking Cool Runnings with Transexual Jamaican Xir's go diversity.
    Any booze will get you hammered if you drink the correct amount.
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