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    Stowaway (2021)

    Watched this tonight. A lot of similar complaints that have already been posted. One thing
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    Ascent: Infinite Realm

    Saw a bunch of negativity about Swords of Legends from people who watched a stream or something.
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    Nier Automata

    Because this is a Souls-like mechanic? In effect I'm saying I'm fine with difficult or punishing games. DS is the modern standard of the checkpoint system and this is clearly what they're going for here. My problem is with the design decision to put the introduction/tutorial into a fail...
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    Nier Automata

    I love Dark Souls games but the beginning of this game pissed me off so much that I never picked it up again. Hour long “intro” that kicks you out to the login screen if you fail? That’s just inexcusable game design there is no way around it.
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    Diablo II - Ressurected

    Lol at ma’amazon
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    Outriders (Squeenix looter shooter)

    I don’t think this game is worth 60 bucks.
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    Mortal Online 2

    Both Mortal and Darkfall ran for many years. Original DF was bought out by fans and is still going today. MO2 obviously will never be a huge commercial success or anything but "fail" is subjective and a little harsh IMO. These games aren't aiming for large audiences, obviously.
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    Mortal Online 2

    To each their own. This kind of game is right up my alley & I’ve been having a blast in the stress test. Big improvements over MO1 in graphics, animations, combat and the crafting is still extremely deep. Sure there are some rough edges all over the place but it’s a tiny team so whatever...
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    Magic: Legends

    Yeah I don’t like the random ability horseshit either. The constant looking too see what button is where is a horrible design decision. Maybe they mean for you to just press all the buttons?
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    Magic: Legends

    I'll go ahead and say it, this game plays like ass. It's somewhere behind Torchlight 3 and that's not a good thing. The spell effects are the one bright spot, everything else is either average or below average. Performance is a joke. I have a beefy machine and it struggles with this shitshow.
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    I’ve tried it out. It’s extremely similar to Discord but with more features.
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    Magic: Legends

    PoE’s loot is pretty dumb honestly. Bullshit everywhere that requires a fucking filter to sort it. That’s not good design.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    I’m looking forward to installing this again when they clean it up and release some DLC. Played through it twice and will do it again.
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    Mortal Online 2

    I don’t think the game was good but scam? What was a scam about it? That’s what an indie MMO with a couple guys working on it looks like...
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    Black Desert

    Installed to make a sage because it looks cool as hell. Wowzer it plays reeeally slow.