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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    Call of Duty 2020: Black Ops Cold War

    I would love if they just had the game without loadouts. Make perks findable on the map and done. Solves all issues and then it comes down to a bit of luck I suppose but so much more variety in playstyles.
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    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    This movie was so bad I walked out of my house.
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    Book recommendations for app development.

    So my son asked for books for Christmas on how to create apps. I have no fucking idea. Hes almost into his teens so i am looking for pretty basic stuff to teach him. Would anyone have something they could recommend that would at least get his foot in the door and see if he is interested in...
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    Post Your Pet

    My Boston doing her favorite thing and then also telling me red a lil sus.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    The New Mutants (2019)

    Did they got a body double from some prepubescent boy or does Maisse Williams really just look like a dude in all aspects? Thats the back of a guy.
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    2019-2020 NHL Season Thread: Uber Missed the Blues Victory Parade Edition

    Oilers 50/50 draw. Last game broke records at 3.2 Mil. The game is still 7 hours away from starting.
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    Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

    Really enjoying this one. By far one of the friendliest F2P games ive ever played. Stamina recharges in 2 minutes vs the usual 5. Gems are easily attainable. Not a huge character list so far so you have a decent chance of pulling good chars.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    So obvious...
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics