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    GameStop Stock Worth $5.13...But Only Worth 7cents In Store Credit

    If my internet wasn't shit I would buy everything digital. Plus I still have the stock HD in my PS4 so I can only have like 5 games downloaded at a time.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    I've been getting the opposite. I'll get 10 things and they will cram it all in one bag and it rips later.
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    The Fast Food Thread

    I only go there for the cheap frappe drinks, not food.
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Local one near me has the 3 egg breakfast for like 7 bucks most of the time. I usually end up getting that instead of whatever the daily deal is.
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    Ask Amod Thread

    Anyone else been getting logged out randomly?
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    The French Dispatch (2020)

    Still wish WA would make this into a real film.
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    Vanessa's Tranny AMA Blog Thread

    I think you were really defriended because of the bird beak and man jaw
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    Dude needs some professional help if he has other people to post recycled shit from other forums for him.
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    Ask Amod Thread

    Stay salty.
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    Ask Amod Thread

    Just post something political on a different message board. No one is stopping you from doing that.
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    Death Stranding

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    Ask Amod Thread

    Pops doesn't either.
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    The only sports guy I can tolerate is Dan Patrick. Besides sports related people he will have someone like Sour Shoes on and it's awesome.