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  1. joz123

    Nintendo Switch (previously NX)

    Is the switch lite worth getting over the OG? I use my TV for my PS4 mainly and would rather have switch for portable use
  2. joz123

    World of Warcraft: BFA

    Once i got BfA flying i stopped playing entirely. That rep grind was painful.
  3. joz123

    The Fast Food Thread

    All checkers in my city closed down, they were terrible anyway. Only ever went to them for funnel cake.
  4. joz123

    Politics Thread

    Beating on mentally handicapped people is easy
  5. joz123

    The Mandalorian

    Clone Wars cartoon is still the best Star Wars to me. General Grievous needed more screen time for sure.
  6. joz123

    The Fast Food Thread

    Wtf happened to McDonalds app? Its been so shitty lately for deals.
  7. joz123

    The Big Bad Console Thread - Sway your Station with an Xboner !

    Just started up Darksiders 3, was expecting to just mow stuff down and was getting 2 shot ahah.
  8. joz123

    Joker (2019)

    That's not a bad thing....
  9. joz123

    Coffee Thread

    I only get frap drinks at coffee places and got tired of paying 6 bucks for one drink at Starbucks. Burger King has large fraps for 2 bucks and taste just as good.
  10. joz123

    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    My grand parents never made a will so everything is up for grabs. My grandpa told me he wanted to leave his Roadrunner car to me but my asshole aunt grabbed anything valuable.
  11. joz123

    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    This has been rustling lately so I fight back now. I load up some Metallica and turn the volume to max. Fuck your mariachi shit.
  12. joz123

    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    My grandpa died 4 months ago and just found out my grandma died earlier this week.. shitty year.
  13. joz123

    Joker (2019)

    Well this is more of him becoming the Joker, so I wouldn't be surprised if most of the time he's just breaking down mentally till he snaps toward the last 10-20 minutes.
  14. joz123

    The Fast Food Thread

    McD's has had b1g1 free Quarter Pounder with cheese meal the past few weeks on the app. Only decent thing lately.