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    Interesting, Non Political News

    no charges, 75 year old woman
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    Desktop Computers

    do you live near microcenters? they have stock in some places
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    what? they praise this guy cuz he doesn't prosecute homeless, or drugs or petty theft anything "non-violent" gets a pass
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    Energy Drink Thread

    isn't bang like in the worst tasting category like among energy drinks, we'd put bang as tier 2 or 3 right? same as nos monster is of course 1
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    Archive (2020)

    yea of the sci movies with mostly a singular actor gravity 2036 (which others?) moon is def, the best
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    Energy Drink Thread

    man one time i just poured a scoop in my mouth just to see if i was alive. 1. apparently i'm dead 2. the blue feels like a sour warhead, don't do it.
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    MMA Thread

    DC is so horrible, embedded just gets him to play himself in the horrible game
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    Any hope for this painting?

    what meaningful conversation is to be had, sitting down in a lazyboy in this room? "yo, @Falxy-US , this room is cool and all, and i see exactly the point that you stopped giving a shit"
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    Any hope for this painting?

    sounds like an awesome crossover
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    Any hope for this painting?

    thats 2010 comic rocket and groot tho, with rocket wearing the og kree uniform, not mcu rocket and groot also, theres no way he could pull off painting that uniform lulz also groot doesn't look like homer
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    The Fast Food Thread

    i don't remember seeing that, but i'll look out for it. note... i haven't had the tyson or great value nuggets in years, i've sworn off anything to do w/ tyson distribution cuz they always taste funny.
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    imo, they are talking about an entire system of messed up. they should split it into 1. junk science (which is on the same podcast series they have, only 2 episodes so far, don't bother listening, it's exactly parroting what they said on jre) 2. bad cops, forced confessions, "misplaced...
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    Any hope for this painting?

    maybe this... jesus christ i can't look at more groot and rocket models, while comparing to that shitty commission notice groots arms and hands aren't in the pic, just like the commission horror show... yes it's flip horizontal, b/c this is how retards on the internet believe they can "legally...
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    Any hope for this painting?

    a good canvas (what you paint on) costs $$$, so yea you want it back and primed for the next guy.
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    Halo Infinite

    how are ppl exited for this garbage, discounting the shit graphics. do ya'll now remember halo5? fucking playing tlou2 i remembered now halo5 was the same garbage shit, half the game you play as the super cool spartan locke!!! you chase down the evil bad man, master chief, master chief is an...