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  1. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    omg, your British maths is so inferior, you're just gonna reply with Muhammad
  2. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    the discoloration is what i was getting at, i think it's most likely super veiny, shes just using make up to cover it up, thats why theres a "hue" a real girl could probably tell more by looking at the boobies, no joke @Mist @maskedmelon get on it! i have a few offending shots
  3. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    this fag wants kids to count the number of dicks in a pta meeting if the transqueer teacher is meeting with the parents of 10kids and 1 kid has gay parents while another kid has lesbian parents, how many dicks are in the pta meeting? the fuck is wrong with you british assholes?
  4. Lanx

    Hollywood Sex Corruption Thread Weinstein didn't do shit if these "women" just want $$$ and to settle why is he paying? cuz he has the money and wants this false charade to be over
  5. Lanx

    idk, she made her own compilation, looks pretty touretty to me
  6. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    jesus christ, does being a retard give you the magical power of de-aging and getting skinnier? something is fucked up with this girl last month she looked 13, now she looks 11
  7. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    can you tell if her boob skin seems super stretched? i see a blue hue like all her veins are gonna pop
  8. Lanx

    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    video angles like this is the only reason shes even popular
  9. Lanx

    Politics Thread

    how the fuck did they even find a black with skin cancer?
  10. Lanx

    Car ?'s

    anyone do sound deadening? gonna try stick some on this weekend. the last time i used sound deadening was dynamat in 1999 for my computer, lulz and it smelled.
  11. Lanx


    !!! having lived in fake Banshee town, yes, yes it does
  12. Lanx

    [Insert Location Here] Mass Shooting

    this guy did nothing wrong, he's just reenacting a real life situation, whats the difference between this and the russian airport shooting in call of duty? it's like they just added the child abuse, b/c it seems to be the only bullshit charge that would stick.
  13. Lanx

    Desktop Computers

    doing research, seems the new gen4s are blistering fast but under continuous load the controller gets hot and will throttle to keep from overheating, so the heatsink really isn't for the nands (b/c some nand chips are also on the bottom) that huge heatsink really is for the controller.
  14. Lanx

    Ask Amod Thread

    this isn't "white knighting"... this is like "white paladining" since a pally is a knight + cleric oh god i don't want to think more on it
  15. Lanx

    Desktop Computers

    jesus, was it continous file xfer?