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    MMA Thread

    acl girl is now getting hate for pushing away her cut man cuz she was being sour about losing the round
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    Car ?'s

    don't forget to factor in the 10$ black spray can to cover up that nasty e-tron shit
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    The Expanse

    lulz when i saw how wiped out bobby's og crew was from the ground attack i thought, "anyone associated with this bobby bitch is a red shirt", and yup when they gave her a second crew, red shirts. then when she started to run with the evil police guys crew, yup red shirts fuck you bobby and...
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    that was before TDS
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    Politics Thread

    i have to buy manhattan clam chowder from amazon cuz apparently everystore here in ks only knows that new england clam chowder exists exclusively
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    Winter 2020 Anime Thread

    man it's been so boring after orsted fight, it's like after that fight he literally has a hacker on call.
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    Politics Thread

    looks like a lesbo recovering after 1 month of recovering from chemo am i wrong? he's over 18 and has never lifted anything over 3lbs in his life
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    #Gamergate and all things SJW

    here he his waiting for the callout, dressed in robe?
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    The Fast Food Thread

    as fucked as it sounds, i have tried all the pizza options here in topeka, and the best is casey's general store, basically sheets/wawa. so i have no grounds to stand on, shitting on gourmet gas station offerings.
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    MMA Thread

    yea look at herb dean that kick woke him the fuck up
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    The Fast Food Thread

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    MMA Thread

    this kick destroyed cowboy, if you think he took a dive or not, he never turtle'd up this fast before (besides his RDA2 beatdown). usually conor does a few teeps and a spinning sidekick (to counter a person moving left), i don't believe i've seen him whip a regular old sidekick like that. if...
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    MMA Thread

    made the clip for you guys to see basically weird fulcrum
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    Politics Thread

    nyc is so shitty now, me as a born and raised brooklynite am seriously thinking of saying this when asked rando:"so where are you from" me:"i'm a nomad" i'm only comforted in the fact that my President has made the same decision...