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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    I'm emotionally invested in her, the girl that I've messed around with despite her having a bf, the girl that suggested going on holiday together and the girl I do stuff with for only fans Which is why I said I'm put me on the list (even if it means an awkward meeting of your bf, or even a...
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    Raised by Wolves

    It wasn't something that EVERYONE watched, yes it was popular but not to the same extent
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    Raised by Wolves

    It's worth remembering that GOT didn't explode truly into a mainstream phenomenon until the Red Wedding
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    Energy Drink Thread

    How you finding them? My workouts have definitely felt slower since my bottle ran out
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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    There's another fetish party next week, bigger than the last one and I'm assuming her BF will be there this time (unless they fight again, but that's unlikely as I presume they're in honeymoon phase of the abuse cycle) I wasn't gonna go then by time I asked her about coming it was already sold...
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    Cobra Kai

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    Weight Loss Thread

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    The Mandalorian

    Don't know the official lore, but I imagine the Empire cracked down on all mention of them, purged history books etc " “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” "
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    Most underrated and overrated movies ever

    Tombstone is awesome, in fact I just re-watched it a few months ago. I have no idea if this relates to your criticisms, but apparently Kurt Russell was semi directing that film and maybe the scenes you refer to are part of the general reshoots
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    Florida (tour) "The aging motels along Florida’s Highway 192 have long been barometers of a fragile economy. In good times they drew budget-conscious tourists from China, South America and elsewhere, whose dollars helped to pay the...
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    Star Wars general purpose movie stuff

    I've just finished s1, probably my second re-watch. It was fine, I was surprised there's only 7 episodes of s1. Some stuff you remember like the bathtub deaths, the guy in the basement. Some stuff I didn't.
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    The Boys

    There's actually been a severe drought of movies/TV to watch/download/stream. Like before The Boys/Raised by Wolves there was literally nothing to watch
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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    I did PUA for years (actually first learnt about it from this board back in 2007) - I already explained it in an earlier post, I don't make or keep friends very easily. If someone lets me down then I cut them out of my life permanently, after a while you don't end up with many people left. And...
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    Best Sports Game of All Time

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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    lol - the other pic got deleted but here's the relevant section of my Google Photos