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    Wheel of Time

    First season adaptation syndrome. I'm sure they follow online chatter, I bet they make a stand to try to make season 2 a closer adaptation.
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    The progressive rock thread

    Do yourself a favor and listen to this Camel concert from shortly after Mel Collins (King Crimson, Roger Waters, Alan Parsons Project, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, and so many others) joined the band on saxophones and flute.
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Or is the bag putting a hurting on you?
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    Steam Deals and Digital Sales

    I got one thanks to advice in this thread and I have not used it once.
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    Wheel of Time

    The seasons since Amazon took over have not been as good and you know it....
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    AssHat 2021 Finals!!

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    Furor's 14 Days rant & First Look at WoW

    Roughly lol As soon as I saw the headline I was like "God dammit Furor" not even joking.
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    2021 AssHat Voting Round 4

    Vanessa Gavin Mudcrush Foler All picked with love
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    Furor's 14 Days rant & First Look at WoW

    So I haven't been around lately, and thus didn't hear about this drama... Saw an article on my Google news feed tho about Sony being unhappy with Blizzard over their response to a sexual harassment allegation. And even tho there was no name attached to who the alleged harasser was, I just knew...
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Yeah I googled the science of it before posting, "enjoy your listeria" seemed like the snappiest joke still lol. Not quite as snappy as "enjoy your staphylococcus produced toxins!"
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    The Metal Thread

    New Mastodon album is the shit. Not quite as heavy as their usual stuff, but so good.
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Left on counter for a day or two? And still ate? Enjoy your listeria.
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    FOH Shower Thoughts

    An AI that wanted the best for humanity might turn into a mass murderer if it could philosophically/logically prove that the afterlife exists.
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    Vanessa's Tranny AMA Blog Thread

    You ever looked at the data? I have a feeling that there's a big dropoff in the suicide rate once it's been long enough post-transition.