Trophies awarded to Xevy

  • Guest, it's time once again for the hotly contested and exciting FoH Asshat Tournament!

    Go here and fill out your bracket!
    Who's been the biggest Asshat in the last year? Once again, only you can decide!

Posting Trophies

  1. 8000 Posts! (23 points)

    8000! That's a lot of posting

Reaction Score Trophies

  1. 20

    Score 3000! (20 points)

    You've reached 3000 reaction score! Excellent
  2. I LOVE IT! (20 points)

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.

P/RS Ratio Trophies

  1. Decent P/RS Level 2 (9 points)

    This is for achieving a post to reaction score of 1 with 500 posts. Even more decent.

Anniversary Trophies

  1. 5 year Anniversary! (10 points)

    Who would believe you've made it this far?