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  1. Szlia

    [CHESS] Carlsen vs Caruana - World Chess Championship match

    I am very bad at chess, but a mix of childhood memories and youTube, lead me the last few months to watch a lot of chess lessons, commented matches and chess live streams. Anyway... the reigning chess world champion, norvegian Magnus Carlsen is currently defending his crown against american...
  2. Szlia

    PlayStation Classic: Sony does what Nintend-also-does

    December 3 (US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia), $100, 2 controllers (standard, not DualShock 1), USB powered (no AC adaptor). The game list is currently incomplete. The total number of games will be 20 (ish?) and we know of 5 for now: - Final Fantasy VII - Jumping Flash - Ridge Racer...
  3. Szlia

    Grottino 2017: The only awards that matter (to me)

    Like we have been doing every year for more than 10 years, five of my friends and me met in late February in a restaurant, each of us with a list of our 20 favorite movies released in the previous year. We then talked and ate and combined all our lists to form the Top 20 movies of the year: the...
  4. Szlia

    Brisbane as an exchange student

    A friend of mine will be spending the better part of a year in Brisbane as an exchange student (17 year old). Obviously she will have some classmates to guide her around, but I thought I could ask around here too for some Aussie wisdom beforehand. My only guess is: be sure to use sunscreen...
  5. Szlia

    Going to first unread in old thread is borked

    @suineg For some reason, it seems the history of how much we read in a thread is culled after a while, so, when someone bumps a thread from page 22, going to the first unread reply points to the first post of the thread. This is annoying. Is there a setting of the board that can be changed for...
  6. Szlia

    Far East Film Festival 18: highlights

    From the 22nd to the 30th of April the 18th edition of the Far East Film Festival was held in Udine, Italy. As its names implies, the festival focuses on movies from the Far East, but what its name does not say is that it focuses on popular cinema. I went to a very unhealthy 57 screenings during...
  7. Szlia

    [Win-OS X-Linux] Stephen's Sausage Roll - extraordinary puzzle game

    It is very difficult to write about, Stephen "Increpare" Lavelle latest game:Stephen's Sausage Roll. The first difficulty is that it is a puzzle game and, as such, its core virtues are in its mechanics and in its level design. The second difficulty is that discovering the mechanics is an...
  8. Szlia

    No More Ronnies

    I am not very familiar with the old school BBC comedy sketch show The Two Ronnies, but, after Ronnie Barker a few years back, Ronnie Corbett just died. A good (if sad) occasion to repost one of the best and smartest sketch ever devised: Mastermind.
  9. Szlia

    What's that game?

    Considering the success of the "Who's that girl?" thread and considering my google-fu is failing hard and for longer than I care to admit, let me start the "What's that game?" thread. So... I am looking for a game I played on PC in the past few years. I am not sure if it was a browser game or...
  10. Szlia

    Son of Saul (Saul fia)

    Not related to the Breaking Bad character. This is a hungarian art house film about a member of the Sonderkommandos in Auschwitz (prisoners being cogs in the death machine) trying to get a child a proper funeral. It just got released in the US. For most of the film, the camera is glued to the...
  11. Szlia

    Let's become british spies AKA logic puzzles challenge

    The Government Communications Headquarters, true to the tradition of creating puzzles to hire spies, posted a christmas puzzle on its web site. It's one of those "solve step 1 to find step 2, etc" thing. Step one is a tedious picross puzzle that forms a QR code that leads...
  12. Szlia

    Rugby World Cup!

    Well... I was looking forward to see what the resident experts on rugby had to say about the surprise win of Japan over South Africa... only to realize there is no Rugby World Cup threadSo now there is one! And, yeah... Rugby World Cup in England. It started Friday and will last until the end...
  13. Szlia

    Marshland aka La Isla Minima

    Saw this the other day in a festival and it's being released across europe these days. Since it has been released in Mexico too, I guess it can be found by anyone interested. Marshland is a very very classic 'cops sent to the boonies end up investigating fucked up murders with more...
  14. Szlia

    Clouds of Sils Maria

    Just a short post to mention this movie is out in the US now (limited release though).Clouds of Sils Maria - Rotten Tomatoes There are some problems, but there is also a number of good scenes and 3 extraordinary actresses in Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz all...
  15. Szlia

    [PC] A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

    A very neat, chill and well designed puzzle game. While many puzzle games are pretty dry, this one manages to have a tender, welcoming feel to it, thanks to the theme, the soundtrack and the many funny flavor animations thrown in the mix. A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build The game is short...
  16. Szlia

    Eli Wallach (Tuco from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) died today :(

    Log In - The New York Times
  17. Szlia

    Hepl! What is this song!? ('60s or '70s music)

    There is a song at the end of the last Miyazaki movie. That song is a cover of a 1973 song. The thing is that I am 99% sure that the 1973 song is a japanese version of a very famous american song... except I can't identify which and it's slowly driving me nuts. Maybe it's just a case a...
  18. Szlia

    Treme Season 4

    A friendly reminder for those who, like me, enjoy this odd mix of music, television and sociology: the fourth season of Treme started last Sunday.
  19. Szlia

    The new Gen has started: Where do you stand?

    The poll in the PC vs PS4 vs XB1 thread was created months ago and now the consoles are here, so I thought we could do a fresh census. Handhelds are not included, and I'll let you decide in your heart of heart what a "current gaming PC" is (for me: able to decently play current AAA releases)...
  20. Szlia


    The other day, rerolled was down for me and a isitup query also showed it down, so I wanted to jump into IRC to know what was going on but.... I realized I had no clue what the current IRC server and channel are. What are they?
  21. Szlia

    Blue Is The Warmest Color - La Vie d'Ad?le

    Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival for the movie and its two lead actresses (NB: Spielberg was the president of the jury). First, let's not sugarcoat it: it's a 3 hours long movie in french about a teenage girl who falls in love with another girl slightly older than her and it is rated...
  22. Szlia

    Live on youTube right now: Badminton World Championship Finals

    EDIT: THIS IS NOW OVER, but the matches are archived at the same place. The channel of the Badminton World Federation shows many tournements live and today, right now, are the finals of the world championship. A good opportunity to check the sport if you...
  23. Szlia

    Films off the beaten path

    We had something going pretty well on MoreNetz with a similar topic. The idea: shine a light on movies you enjoyed that might not be known by you fellow posters! Old and new, foreign or domestic, comedy or drama, everything is welcomed as long as you feel it's worth encouraging people to...