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  1. zombiewizardhawk

    Lawyer costs question

    After the holidays are over i'm planning on getting a lawyer to try and take care of my violation of probation issue in NC. Anyone know what kind of costs i'm going to be looking at (guesstimate) so I can make sure I can even afford it before I start looking for one?
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    The Your Band Sucks thread

  3. zombiewizardhawk

    ZombieWizardhawk for Amod of Amods Jul - End Of Time

    I'll post nudes if you don't vote for me.
  4. zombiewizardhawk

    Employment background checks

    Anyone familiar with how they work, specifically in relation to open charges from a long time ago? I have a violation of probation/absconding from 10 years ago, was curious if it had been long enough that it probably wouldn't hit on a general background check a job might perform or not (since...
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    Votes for tits!

    I know it's customary to post tits prior to getting the votes but i'm not that easy. If I win a mod spot then i'll post my boobies for the masses!
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    Zombie Wizardhawk for Amod - Mar to Sep 2017

    I'm not the mod we need, but i'm the mod we deserve. I don't actually even know what's involved with moderating and I will most definitely abuse my power, so you should definitely vote for me. Edit: I don't know how to edit titles so I can't make mine look all proper-like with dates like the...
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    I suck with people and need advice

    So I kind of like a girl that I work with but I also like working with her/friendly stuff and i'm not sure if I should ask her out or not. I suck at relationships/telling if someone likes me so I don't really know what to do. Not really worried about whether she says yes or no (no's suck but...
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    Halloween Costume help required (paging resident trannies)

    I want to go as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn for halloween this year and I need to know how to avoid a 5 o clock shadow ruining it... Also possibly some tips on how I can pull off those shorts... Thanks!
  9. zombiewizardhawk

    Disgaea style pc games?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of any pc versions of games similar to Disgaea. While I was looking around, Agarest popped up and seems to be relatively similar but i'm not positive. Mostly interested in the massive post-game style stuff like Disgaea had with the item world/etc. and being...
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    Guys. I had an idea and I need some input because i'm not sure if it's brilliant or retarded (inb4 everyone says retarded just because it's me lolz). Ok so here's what I was thinking. I keep reading in the gamergate thread and whatnot about all these people getting a bunch of money each...
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    Just wanted to post to say goodbye to everyone (not that anyone cares). Made some poor choices and dug myself in to a hole I can't dig out of this time. Been lurking and/or posting since ~2002. You guys have given me lots of laughs over the years, hopefully i've entertained a few of you...
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    Who is funnier, Wizardhawk or Kegkilla?

    Somebody make this a poll.
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    Wizardhawk's memorial thread (a cautionary tale of dental care and garlic)

    So I woke up this morning with a big ole swollen bump on my bottom gum near my wisdom tooth/molar (both of which have needed to be removed for a while). Pretty sure it's an infection because it's not a canker sore. Thing is, I don't have $600+ to just go hand a dentist at the moment to get the...
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    Are dating websites profitable?

    If yes, I have a great idea for one. Someone could join me in becoming the next youtube/facebook/google.