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  1. Ameraves

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    Figured this was as good a time as any to start it. And to kick it off? Sources: Lakers, Spurs reopen talks on Kawhi To be honest though, I don't want them to sacrifice the future for the last few years of Lebron being relevant. Plus I REALLY don't want to be rooting for the same team as Gaige.
  2. Ameraves

    NFL 2017 Offseason - Where does Romo go?

    Surprised this wasn't already started. Begin the speculation of new head coaches, where Free Agents will land, and where old QB's go to die! Oh and of course the inevitable rebirth of the 49ers and their climb back to glory!
  3. Ameraves

    Ignore User List

    @suineg, would this add on be useful at all to show who is being ignored? I was hoping there would be a way for users to see it, but it looks like this would only be for admins to view? Ignore log and ignore members block Just curious because it would be interesting to see the number of...
  4. Ameraves

    Waterfox/Firefox issues

    I wasn't sure where to put this but it seemed as good a place as any. Up until now I haven't had any issues with Waterfox, been loving it. Then suddenly last week all CSS is being stripped from web pages and it only shows the html. This is only happening on my work laptop, and only with...
  5. Ameraves

    How I Met Your Mother God dammit. I was really hoping they would just wrap it up this season. This show has completely lots it's funny and at this point I just want a resolution. I honestly think I am just going to stop watching and pick it back up when he...