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  1. Uber Uberest

    Special Ballot: Trade qwerty for tanoomba

    With the special mod election, I am invoking the right for a special poll to run concurrent with the election. Should the board decide, @qwertyqweqwertwqert will be banned and @Tanoomba would be unbanned. His unbanning would remain at the discretion of the community, mods, admins, forum admins...
  2. Uber Uberest

    The secret thread

    Post all the shit you don't want mouth breathers to know here. For example, thanks Xroft and Oyam for the pp, items, and cash,
  3. Uber Uberest

    Fires of Heaven Twitter

    I just want members to know that the Fires of Heaven twitter page has now become a means for trolling for @suineg . I'd recommend unfollowing the account if you follow it with an account that has your real life information on it. We really have no idea what people @kegkilla and Suineg are going...
  4. Uber Uberest

    Avatar Bet Welcher/Non-Donor

    Good Morning @Amod I am requesting a review of the bet quoted below. I feel like it was agreed to on my end, and then more than 2 hours after the bet was agreed to Burnem tried to back out. As his his non-donor status shows Burnem does not care about this forum, and will Welch on any bet...
  5. Uber Uberest

    Dads Thread

    Wife and I welcomed a baby boy on June 19th, avatar is him. James Brady is legit the greatest thing in the world, if we're bros on Facebook you've already seen what a stud he is. Feel free to brag about your awesome kids in this thread.
  6. Uber Uberest

    Golf 2016

    Jim Furyk just shot a PGA record 58 at the Travelers, pretty epic stuff.