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  1. lurker

    Home Improvement

    It actually looks like he didn't solder anything. It looks like he stuck on a repair clamp over your old work and the clamp didn't work.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Olive Oatman
  3. lurker

    What vehicle do you drive?

    My 2003
  4. lurker

    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)

    It was wood.
  5. lurker

    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)

    He was Spartacus.
  6. lurker

    Politics Thread

    Who cares? If I had his money you could make fun of my height all day long. Then that night I'd have you killed.
  7. lurker

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter accident, 41

    And quoted for posterity.
  8. lurker

    Moving Options

    I rented a Uhaul but I paid some folks, recommended by Uhaul, to load it and unload it. Different people, obviously. My wife and I packed everything in boxes but let them move those and the furniture. It's amazing how much shit you can pack in a truck when you know how. I would never have been...
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    There are remote wireless speakers that she could have close to her bed. Here's one
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    Politics Thread

    That looks like it might tip over.
  11. lurker

    Politics Thread

    If you can receive a Nobel Peace Prize before there's peace, you can certainly commit a war crime before there is a war.
  12. lurker


    So Apple show the iPhone XR at 128gb max. Verizon offers it at 256gb max. I don't want to contact either one right now so do any of you know what's going on here? They're both the same price. Edit:After more searching, Costco and BestBuy also sell the 256gb version. Only Apple doesn't.
  13. lurker

    The "Shit I just bought" thread

    Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find.
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    Goddamn. I coulda done without seeing that fingernail thing.
  15. lurker

    Politics Thread

    When in the hell did Kiev become Kyiv?
  16. lurker

    Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

    I saw this today. Tomorrow my wife will fill me in on the parts I slept through and I'll tell her what happened while she was napping.
  17. lurker

    Guns Thread

    I dunno. Those flames coming out of the ejection port are a little concerning. YMMV.
  18. lurker

    The Animated GIF Thread

    RC Model. No driver, too clean
  19. lurker

    You know you're getting old when.....

    ...your Medicare card shows up in the mail.
  20. lurker

    Home Improvement

    Or your adult wife.
  21. lurker

    Home Improvement

    Bummer. I realize you probably didn't think about it until you got home, but as part of your repairs, consider a Wi-Fi controller because if you had remembered at work, you could have shut it off.
  22. lurker

    Jimmy Johnson, RIP

    This isn't the real documentary, but's it's still pretty good
  23. lurker

    Jimmy Johnson, RIP

    If you get a chance, watch the movie Muscle Shoals. It was on Netflix for a while and I'm sure you can find it somewhere. Here's the Trailer: Anyway, the guitarist for the session group Muscle Shoals Rhythm Session has died at the age of 76. The guy recorded with damn near everybody like...
  24. lurker

    Interesting, Non Political News

    Yeah, but we did that 50 years ago and street shitting is relatively new...oh, you meant India. My mistake.
  25. lurker

    Politics Thread

    I agree, but she makes no attempt to remove herself. It's only during an interview later that she says, Seriously, what politician has ever asked if he could shake your hand? I'm not defending Biden. I don't like the guy, but she's a dangerous idiot.
  26. lurker

    Politics Thread

    She's a nut. Politicians shake hands. How does she not know this and how can that be offensive?
  27. lurker

    [Insert Location Here] Mass Shooting

    Why does Ted Cruz have a bad reputation? People I talk to, my wife included, think he's slimy and crooked. But I like him. I think he's really smart and he's really well spoken and prepared. I think he'd make a great POTUS but he'll never get there because of something that I don't understand...
  28. lurker

    Michael Brown n' the Wakanda Crown: The Age of Vibranium is Upon Us.

    What did the guy toss over the counter early on and why?
  29. lurker

    Interesting, Non Political News

    It's a "land speed record". If it stay on the ground, it's fair game. In 1962, Craig Breedlove ignored the rules that said the vehicle had to have 4 wheels with 2 of them driven and set a record with his free wheeling trike the Spirit of America. It looks like they're mostly 4 wheel now, but...
  30. lurker

    I have more balls than you

    Well, you've got 3 more balls than this guy, now. Man gored in the testicles during Spanish town’s historic bull run Provoked by another man, the bull is seen charging at the victim, who tries to jump over a fence but gets his leg tangled and is left with his nether regions exposed. As he...
  31. lurker

    Interesting, Non Political News

    'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash Yesterday, while attempting to beat her own land speed record, the 52,000 horsepower jet-powered car driven by racer, fabricator, and television personality Jessi Combs crashed in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, killing her, as...
  32. lurker

    Michael Brown n' the Wakanda Crown: The Age of Vibranium is Upon Us.

    God, I love this place.
  33. lurker

    Car ?'s

    I'm not doubting your ability to put the right parts on. I'm doubting their story. If they're so sure it will pass smog after installing the correct pipes, why don't they do it? I would think it would increase the value of the car more than the labor to perform the procedure. And what if they're...
  34. lurker

    Car ?'s

    They claim the OEM exhaust will pass. What if it doesn't? My advice is run away.
  35. lurker

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    I saw this movie for the second time. The first time I was on vacation and the inlaws had some free passes so we went. Problem was, the seats were front row and you all know what that's like.
  36. lurker

    Politics Thread

    We have our own wine district here in ID. The number is probably the unfortunate result of the amount of Californians that have moved here.
  37. lurker

    Jeff Epstein horror island thread

    Work smart, not hard.
  38. lurker

    Jeff Epstein horror island thread

    What do you have in your cell that you can hang yourself with? The obvious answer is a bedsheet. So why are there bedsheets in a cell with someone on suicide watch?