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    What are you listening to at the moment?

    need a hand!? There is a song from atleast the last 10 years. Genre not sure. The video had people faces slowly distorting... Cant seem to find it anywhere
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    Everquest - Coirnav Progression Server

    I hate spell casting! Im looking to trade my 56 Iksar necro with Epic and skullcap for krono so i can start fresh for Luclin. Hit me up if your interested for more info
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    Computer Issues

    I’m having a problem with my internet as of 2 days ago. I’m in Canada using Rogers. Gigabyte connection, Have the hitron Coda-4582u modem. 4 computers and 4 phones on wireless all used to run flawlessly. Swapped out the modem same problem persists so they have a tech coming out in a few days...
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    Everquest - Coirnav Progression Server

    SK's have any purpose for raiding? I want to make a tank but don't want to be useless