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    Home Improvement

    Okay, I'm pretty handy for the most part. Installed doors and rebuilt furniture, am a mechanic by trade. So I have water coming into the basement through the fireplace that is down there. Fireplace in the room above is dry but below we get standing water which has destroyed the carpet that was...
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    [Manga] Bleach (spoilers to current)

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    [Manga] Naruto (warning: spoilers up to current chapter)

    So now Madara switches sides just like Sasuke?
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    Trying really hard not to fuck anyone or get them fired but...

    I worked for years as a cook for a few places. Not fast food but mom and pop restaurants. Cooks hate when you send stuff back for arbitrary reasons, IE this isn't cooked enough or over cooked when you don't know what the hell your ordering. Had that happen so many times, and its usually people...
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    The Venture Bros.

    I like that Dean is coming to grips with reality and just how screwed up his life really is while Hank seems to embrace the life of adventure. Dean is so like Rusty while Hank is more like Grandpa Jonas minus the super science.
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    [Manga] Naruto (warning: spoilers up to current chapter)

    Waiting for mass rez to happen again...
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    [Manga] Bleach (spoilers to current)

    Time to goto another dimension and fight Aran.. I mean Quincy.
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    [Manga] Bleach (spoilers to current)

    Smaller one is going to turn into a bow or access Quincy powers somehow.