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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    But Luke with his family, Rey was left to a troll who don't give a shit about her. It seems to be a dick move from her parents. Or Unkar Plutt is from Rey family...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    After all it's the first movie of a new trilogy, they can't get everything in the first one.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    In V for vendetta we didn't see the face of Hugo Weaving
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    Conan the Octogenarian

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    The Grand Tour (from the guys in Top Gear)

    I don't understand where is the problem with this one
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    Your Favorite Painting/Artist?

    "Saint Joseph charpentier" From Georges De La Tour Dat light.
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    Your Favorite Movie Theme Song

    Dunno if it's really considered a movie but i fell in love with the OST of Koyaanisqatsi. The music is from philip Glass : Interstellar soundtrack felt a lot like it.
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    True Detective

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    True Detective

    Anybody else think the miniatures Rust is crafting with the beer can could be a message to the cult person in the police ? He makes these put them in front of him right under the camera. If someone related to the killer is in the police i think he would watch the interview, and he would...
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    Board Games

    Anybody tried Krosmaster Arena ? I play it and love it, really fun and quick to learn (my 9yo son play it too) and the miniatures are cute. I don't know if it's known in USA but here it grows quite popular.
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    Doctor Who

    I forgot what i read in this topic before but what happenned to "the moment" since it wasn't used ? It's stocked in the tardis and is what made Rose the bad wolf ?
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    Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (STEAM!)

    I remember this one too, but can't find a working ROM of it for mame. I guess i'll wait for it to be cheaper on steam.
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    Games that gave you the most bang for your buck

    No love for anno serie ? I'm a big fan of these games, i usually end up spending way more time than planed on these games. I'll build another sushi factory and i'm going to bed...oh new buildings available let's test that...oh new citizen level...oh time to go to work and i haven't slept -_-
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    I'm quite uncomfortable with Tywin for PC, as a pc user... Are these based on the books or only the tv show ?
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    Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy

    At least nobody will blame her for having fake tits.
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    Ender's Game

    Hitler was angry too, be careful...
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    Do You Cheat in Video Games?

    I used to cheat because i wasn't very good at games but one time i finished a game with cheats really fast and i didn't enjoyed it because it was too easy (yes i was cheating). I then realise that the fun in games is to progress in skill too. I was about 16 yo since then i don't cheat, it's way...
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    A Song of Ice and Fire (Released Spoilers)

    Only reading a summary of aDwD and you'll miss the reek chapters and the Manderly's meat pies. You'll also miss all the details used to build theories that manage to keep us in the Westeros universe and not forget everything before the next book release.
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    A Song of Ice and Fire (Released Spoilers)

    But isn't it Jon who wanted to fight the Bolton with the Nightwatch and wildlings ? But the NW is supposed to only guard the Wall gainst what lie beyond it not interfer with the Kingdom affairs. I think Jon was about to make a big mistake and the NW men acted because of it.
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    Riddick (2013)

    It looks like a pitch black 2 to me. not a sequel to the events of Chronicles.
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    The Animated GIF Thread

    French TV show : groland
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    Where is RR/SS?

    4, i asked a question somewhere else so i should be 5 now.
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    Where is RR/SS?

    Lurker for maybe 10 years... 1
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    Where is RR/SS?

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    Where is RR/SS?

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    Wii U

    Someone knows if the WiiU will be able to handle more than one controller (the tablet one) ? Because i haven't seen any on sell outside of the wiiU bundles.