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  1. KurganAU

    Mass effect Remastered - Legendary Edition - 2021

    Yeah it's not as stark in your video at the 21:30 time stamp. Watching other youtube playthroughs and while some look decent, some look like this x360 trailer. I didn't think they did any graphics updates between individual release and trilogy, but who knows. Either way, be good to go...
  2. KurganAU

    Mass effect Remastered - Legendary Edition - 2021

    If all the character upgrades are this quality I'll be happy.
  3. KurganAU

    The forgotten movies

    Technically a two part mini series, but used to have the VHS set years ago and enjoyed it. Pursuit AKA Twist of Fate (1989)
  4. KurganAU

    Video Game Music (vgm) Thread

  5. KurganAU

    4 player co-op games

    Alien Swarm flew under the radar for most but can be a blast with the right group. Start on the lower difficulties, work your way up. Shit can get intense. They allow up to 8 players in the revamp but the game is made around 4. Real sense of accomplishment when you can make it through a...
  6. KurganAU

    Riot Games MMO

    Can you imagine the raid of Bandle City and stomping those yordles, basically re-enacting this video? Sign me up
  7. KurganAU

    The Mandalorian

    Feels good to enjoy Star Wars again. After TLJ threw my hopes in a meat grinder, I was second guessing everything as it happened. See the X-wing, thinking nah, it won't be him they won't do it. It's gonna be some new random person. See hooded figure on the security camera, well it's a Jedi...
  8. KurganAU

    The Mandalorian

    His name is Kevin The yelp after the jump cracks me up every time
  9. KurganAU

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Numbers relative to others, dominating Twitch.
  10. KurganAU

    Cyberpunk 2077

    You sound upset Cousin. Lets go bowling.
  11. KurganAU

    The Boys

    I made the mistake of watching "Inside The Boys" episodes. Apart from being contrived, fake and unfunny it becomes very obvious how much the creators are trying inject specific political points into the show. Here's something from 5 mins into the first episode. And this choice quote from the...
  12. KurganAU

    No Time to Die (007 Bond)

    First thought was they will only get a couple of films out of him due to his age, but it seems in line with other picks. 2020 Tom Hardy 43 2006 Daniel Craig 38 1995 Pierce Brosnan 42 1987 Timothy Dalton 41 1973 Roger Moore 45 1969 George Lazenby 30 1962 Sean Connery 32
  13. KurganAU


    Could be fun, could be trash. Her humour seems like it would fit in with the Marvel formula. 90's She-Hulk Fanart with Emmy Rossum
  14. KurganAU

    An important question!

    Joshua Tree
  15. KurganAU

    What tickles your pickle

    Walking into an EBGames and seeing multiple copies of Anthem priced at $5 More icing on the cake of just how bad Bioware dropped the ball.
  16. KurganAU

    Bluegrass Thread

    Good live set of The Steeldrivers before they changed lead singer. He's on the first two albums.
  17. KurganAU

    Saints Row 3 Remaster

    Still love this franchise even with it's ups and downs. Some of the best co-op fun I've ever had. Would prefer a remaster of 2 since it has aged the worst but looking forward to this too. Also, new Saints Row on the horizon -
  18. KurganAU

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Might be hard to find right now but it can be fixed, just have to decide if it's worth the cost. XIM APEX
  19. KurganAU

    Gemini Man (2019)

    Turning up in the usual places. Saw the 4k version last night, visually interesting to watch even if the movie itself isn't great. Apparently only the 4k version is 60fps and dvd/bluray is 24fps. Closest thing I can compare it to is a 2 hour in-engine video game cutscene. Really noticeable on...
  20. KurganAU

    The Irishman (2018)

    Definitely good but not quite great for me. Without the talent involved, the run time would be felt that much more. This is a slow burn with most of the heavy lifting done by the screen presence of those involved. Absolutely zero weak links on the acting front. While I can appreciate the...
  21. KurganAU


    Leaks coming out ahead of Blizzcon
  22. KurganAU

    Everquest AMA Answered!

    I've heard this before
  23. KurganAU

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2019)

    Tails cameo?
  24. KurganAU

    Poll Games for 10-14 LAN players

    Someone posted this a while back, LAN like yours would be a blast.
  25. KurganAU

    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    Nozz, you mentioned engaging in self harm because you don't believe your life has meaning or value. Would I be right in thinking you would never do the same harm to another person you care about? Think about how you would treat someone you were responsible for helping and notice how different...
  26. KurganAU

    Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018)

    His show never aired over here but I'm glad this doco was made and now more people like me get to see how genuine he really was. +1 to everyone should see this.
  27. KurganAU

    Merry Christmas from Australia everyone

    He must have been delirious from a snake bite. Sharing is in the spirit of christmas, so here's a podcast about crazy fuckers who caught live snakes to help develop anti-venom Hunting the deadly coastal taipan Mad cunts, but someone had to do it. Merry Christmas FOH
  28. KurganAU

    Men's Fashion

    I use this for work, it's roomy enough for any 13" device to fit with pocket for charger / mouse in the front - Granted, all I need to take to work is my laptop so if you're hauling other stuff back and forth...
  29. KurganAU


    Never gave this a shot in the past but made a bad bitch Imperial Agent last night and played long enough to get off Hutta to the Imperial fleet. Having fun so far, haven't played much of anything the last couple of months and before that it was finishing up PoP on Agnarr. I went in with the...
  30. KurganAU

    Computer security

    Interesting. Relevant considering this dropped the other day - Mozilla is reportedly preparing to offer ProtonVPN service to users of the Firefox browser Alternatively, pay for PIA VPN and use free FoxyProxy plugin to toggle on/off
  31. KurganAU

    Linux OS stuff Thread

    He's back, a whole 1 month later. Linus Torvalds returns to Linux development with new code of conduct in place
  32. KurganAU

    The Actor / Director Blacklist

    I'm on board with most of that Dom. Logically, I know it's silly, but at the risk of getting into feels territory I also have to acknowledge my reaction. It's immersion breaking. You could liken it to that meme, man sees a random guy and thinks nothing of it, random puts on rival team baseball...
  33. KurganAU

    The Actor / Director Blacklist

    Not trolling, figured this could be along the lines of "What rustles your jimmies" but for movies. If no one cares rickshaw away.
  34. KurganAU

    The Actor / Director Blacklist

    Thought I'd start a new thread instead of derail the other one. Far as James Gunn goes, that costume pic was fucking weird and he comes across as a tryhard edgelord with the old posts. Is he a pedo? No clue, maybe. Benefit of the doubt for now unless more shit comes out. But I'm no stranger to...
  35. KurganAU


    Saw that they opened this up again until the 31st for existing backers and newcomers alike. I'm coming in completely blind. Anyone that got in on the earlier KS care to comment?
  36. KurganAU

    Yakuza series

    Newcomer to the series and picked up Yakuza 0 the other day. Only a little bit into Chapter 2 but it's winning me over quickly. As good as the main story is and how well it's done played straight-laced serious-business, I think I'm enjoying the bonkers side activities more now the district has...
  37. KurganAU

    How to let your child use a computer\internet without ruining their innocence.

    I get what you're saying, that if they really want to do something they'll find a way. If someone wants to break in to your house, they'll break in. We still put locks on our doors, alarm stickers on windows and things to make it harder though. Maybe they will get exposed to some shit no matter...
  38. KurganAU

    How to let your child use a computer\internet without ruining their innocence.

    I'm a school tech at a boarding school and we've been suggesting Familyzone to parents. How Our Internet Filter Works | Family Zone
  39. KurganAU

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    The kind of different we got in this film is something I would welcome in the side movies. I would enjoy a Rian Johnson Rogue One more than the one that was released last year. For TLJ though as a main episode movie, it needed to explore new territory as variations on a theme instead of the...
  40. KurganAU

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Went to a midnight screening last night, had some time to mull it over