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  1. OU Ariakas

    The Fifth Element (1997)

    Title: The Fifth Element Tagline: There is no future without it. Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction Director: Luc Besson Cast: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker, Charlie Creed-Miles, Brion James, Tom Lister Jr., Mathieu...
  2. OU Ariakas

    Toast of London

    Title: Toast of London Genre: Comedy Creator: Arthur Mathews, Matt Berry Cast: Matt Berry, Robert Bathurst, Doon Mackichan, Harry Peacock, Tim Downie, Shazad Latif, Tracy-Ann Oberman First aired: 2013-10-20 Overview: Toast of London is a British comedy series following Steven...
  3. OU Ariakas

    I have a million Soybucks AMA

  4. OU Ariakas

    We need FOH Merch

    Foler was joking about it in the Amod election thread, but I think he is on to something. We need swag. I would gladly pay for a really nice coffee mug and t-shirt with the FOH logo on it. Edit: Threw some things together this mug would be about $15 bucks each shipped with a minimum...
  5. OU Ariakas

    The Hunt (2019)

    Title: The Hunt (2019) Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror Director: Craig Zobel Cast: Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley, Glenn Howerton, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Madigan, Teri Wyble, Wayne Duvall, Sylvia Grace Crim, Steve Coulter, J.C. MacKenzie, Reed Birney, Hans Marrero, Iyad Hajjaj, Ned Yousef...
  6. OU Ariakas

    Iratus, Lord of the Dead (Roguelike, Turn-Based RPG)

    New game just hit early access and a few streamers (namely Bahroo and CobaltStreak) that really went hard at Darkest Dungeon were asked to play. It is essentially the same genre as DD but the twist is that you play as Iratus, the Necromancer freed from deep underground after 500 years or...
  7. OU Ariakas

    What We Do in the Shadows

    Title: What We Do in the Shadows Genre: Comedy First aired: 2019-03-27 Creator: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi Cast: Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen Overview: A documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of three vampires in Staten...
  8. OU Ariakas

    Black Friday 2018 - Camp out to throw down for 9.99 king sized sheets

    We are less than a month out from Black Friday and there are 0 ads released yet. Is this normal because I thought the last few years they started leaking around mid-October. This year I am trying for a some sort of deal on either a TCL or Vizio 65' 4k TV. Hopefully there will be an online...
  9. OU Ariakas

    It was a great 2017 at FoH; here's to a better 2018

    Real talk, thank you @a_skeleton_03 for not shutting this place down. It is truly a unique place and my personal Internet home. Happy New Years fuckers. I hope 2018 lives up to the last 365 days of greatness.
  10. OU Ariakas

    College Football Bowl Mania 2017

    I created the group this year because no one else did. Group Name: FoH Bowl Mania 2017 Password: hamsucks
  11. OU Ariakas

    Christmas Theme on the Forums

    Good shit a_skeleton_03, good shit. Edit: Just saw the mistletoe on the avatars. Well done.
  12. OU Ariakas

    Online Poker - playing from the U.S.

    I know that Pokerstars and Ultimate Bet aren't available to U.S. citizens anymore; however, I have heard rumblings of other sites that accept U.S. players. Does anyone here play cash games online inside the U.S. legitimately? I saw a place called but none of the reviews from U.S...
  13. OU Ariakas

    New to FiresofHeaven? POST HERE

    Do any of these describe you: Found while surfing the internet, keep coming back because you love it? Followed us from but never posted there a single time? Found while surfing the internet, keep coming back because you fucking hate us and have...
  14. OU Ariakas

    Death Road to Canada

    I have watched some Twitch streamers (mainly CobaltStreak) play this game and it looks pretty fun. Anyone dive into it yet? Fake edit: It looks like they Kickstarted the game back in 2013 and it is just now coming out.
  15. OU Ariakas

    Warhammer 40k Megathread

    Because we always need more skulls for the Skull Throne.
  16. OU Ariakas

    Star Wars Novels (Keep your EU shit out of here!)

    I may be one of the only people that enjoyed (about half of) the EU novels and didn't like the fact that Disney didn't keep any of the characters in the official canon. I lost a ton of faith in the SW franchise because of the prequels and only found my way back through the Thrawn triology and...
  17. OU Ariakas

    Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Nov 4th)

    Release date is Nov 4th and taking pre-orders. 33% off if you have the original installed.
  18. OU Ariakas

    Duel of the Magi - MY Deckbuilding/Dueling Kickstater Project

    RISE FROM THE GRAVE!We have relaunched at a more friendly price point.Let me know if you have any questions! The pictures are no longer accurate so please see the project page for the corrections. Original post: A good friend of mine and I developed a hybrid deck building game with...
  19. OU Ariakas

    Shipping product from the US to the EU

    Hello all, my friend and I created a board game that we are going to attempt to Kickstart and we are trying to find the right costs associated with opening up backing to the EU. I want to make sure that we have taken everything into consideration when we decide if we are going to allow EU...
  20. OU Ariakas

    Our Darker Purpose (Roguelike)

    I am a regular viewer ofCobaltstreak, he mainly streams Binding of Isaac (and he is incredible at the game) but also branches out into other games. Last night he debuted a new BoI-esque roguelike calledOur Darker Purpose. It has a Tim Burton vibe and expands on BoI by including levels and the...
  21. OU Ariakas

    Broken Age - Double Fine's Adventure Game Kickstarter - 1/28

    Backers got their keys for Act 1 of Broken Age today. Reviews are very positive. The key features on Steam are hilarious. Key Features: - Pointing - Clicking - Original soundtrack, composed by Peter McConnell, recorded by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - All-star voice cast...
  22. OU Ariakas

    The Strain

    Title: The Strain Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery First aired: 2014-07-13 Creator: Guillermo del Toro, Carlton Cuse Cast: David Bradley, Corey Stoll, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Kevin Durand, Miguel Gomez, Max Charles Overview: A high concept thriller that tells the...
  23. OU Ariakas

    The Killing Season 3

    I didn't see a thread about it so I decided to start one. The new season is 4 episodes in and I already like it better than any of season 2. I think I might be one of about 1000 people who is glad this got renewed.
  24. OU Ariakas

    Massive Chalice - New Double Fine Kickstarter

    Looks like Double Fine is doing what inXile did and has started another new KS project to roll into as Broken Age team members complete their parts of the project. The idea of a random/modular world where you run the kingdom sounds like running Westeros in GoT. I'll do this because I love the...
  25. OU Ariakas

    TUG - Multiplayer Open-World RPG Kickstarter

    I thought I'd post this kickstarter for those that are interested in single player RPGs. They seem to have some interesting concepts about how their game will progress. The fact that it just drops you into the world and you have to discover how to survive sounds pretty awesome. I've done...
  26. OU Ariakas

    Shadow of the Eternals - Eternal Darkness spiritual successor Kickstarter starts 5/6

    Shit yes ladies. I've been waiting a decade for another one of these. Teaser Trailer Link to article Side note: Best part about casting max powered spells? PARGON PARGON PARGON PARGON.
  27. OU Ariakas

    Dredd 2 (2019)

    This is the most exciting news I've heard so far in 2013. I was one of the people that thought that it would sell well on DVD and that turned out to be true. Here's hoping that it keeps the momentum until a sequel is announced. From the article: The...
  28. OU Ariakas

    Sons of Anarchy

    Can we all agree that Season 5 was the best season since 2?
  29. OU Ariakas

    Warhammer 40,000 Novels

    Still reading Angel Exterminatus. Perturabo confirmed badass.