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  1. iannis

    Insufferable Izo's International House of Roffles

    I know you won't be able to stop yourself, so we must prepare a place at the table.
  2. iannis

    A fine and private place

    For @Convo and @Ambiturner to meet, discuss, share thoughts, hopes, aspirations. A place to really work through the daily stresses of life. Ignore the peepholes, no one will be watching. If the two of you feel driven to express sentiment through physical means... if a bout of fisticuffs...
  3. iannis

    Dean Smith died.

    The man who cheated so much that they had to change the rules. I've always heard that Dean Smith was single handedly responsible for the shot clock. His strategy? Get a 10 point lead and then just wait out the game. I mean you kinda gotta respect that. That was some super serious...
  4. iannis

    New Girl

    This show is sooooooooo cute it makes my teeth hurt! Tbh, I watch every episode basically expecting the show to shit the bed. But it hasn't yet. If you like cutesy sitcoms and haven't seen this one yet watch it.