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  1. Grimsark

    Browser Addon Suggestions?

    These days it's so hard to be sure that what you're installing is safe, or even useful. It seems most reviews are anon, or bot sourced, and even after downloading one that proves safe and useful, there is no telling how long it will remain that way, due to Browser version changes and the...
  2. Grimsark

    Free Audible D&D Audiobook this month.

    I normally don't pick up audiobooks shorter than 16-20hours so I have not bought any of the D&D novels on Audible. But if they are going to give them away... Dungeons & Dragons Legend of Drizzt | Audiobooks |
  3. Grimsark

    Dungeons & Dragons - New & Old

    I just received my Boxed Set, 5e Starter Set, the other day... I have not done more than open it and make sure everything is inside. I did 4 rounds of beta testing way back and figure I know enough about the gist that I am definitely going to play it. Though my circumstances have changed and it...
  4. Grimsark

    TUG - Minecraft Inspired

    TUG - Nerd Kingdom
  5. Grimsark

    RPG Maker Games

    Just wanted to point out that this is the judge month of the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest There are a ton of entries, all free to download and vote on. I was actually unaware of the contest or I may have entered. Oh well.
  6. Grimsark

    Aurora 4x - Space Strategy meets Dwarf Fortress

    Aurora 4x Games - Index I tried this, on a whim, and found myself sucked in. You may enjoy it. There aren't a lot of recent Lets Plays on YouTube, and this game is PAINFULLY SLOW to play and BRUTALLY UNFORGIVING to lose, just like Dwarf Fortress. I watched Alfapiomega's to get an...
  7. Grimsark

    Dominions 4

    This game has been out for about 6 months, and its mod community has matured a bit. Its currently 50% off on steam till June 2nd. Its one of the few games with its depth that can be played on shitty PC's and multi-played via PBEM. Dominions 4 A recent player made Nation 'Lets Play'...
  8. Grimsark

    Popup Dungeon - by Ring Runner Developers

    I am not normally one to advertise Kickstarters, simply due to the negative sentiment so many have over failed ones. But this one is by a group that's already delivered on one, and it really has me hoping this one succeeds as well. It looks as though they might be able to make it regardless...
  9. Grimsark

    Endless Legend

    Now on Steam Early Access.
  10. Grimsark

    Distant Worlds - Universe

    Anyone that has played Distant Worlds and liked it, the developer is close to releasing the next installment. It appears to be more of the same, but with a completely integrated editor that includes just about every part of the game. Matrix Games - Distant Worlds - Universe I have had the...
  11. Grimsark

    Video Encoding: Noob Questions

    I am using CamStudio 2, (CS2) to grab my desktop screen every second using Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, and setting playback @ 60fps so 1 minute is roughly 1hour of capture. The exact ratio varies of course, based on the actual recording frame rate, which can be a little more or less than 1 frame a second...
  12. Grimsark

    Warlock II

    I actually enjoyed part one. It was a bit, no a LOT, unbalanced but fun. I hope this one is 'the same' but better in the right ways. (audio kicks in around 25 seconds)
  13. Grimsark

    [PC]Hearts of Iron 4 - Release Date June 6th

    Hearts of Iron 4... Announced. If they manage to make part 4 as inviting as they did Crusader Kings, this may just be as great as I had hoped part 3 would have been. I was so dissapointed in part 3.
  14. Grimsark

    Great Article on Gamasutra.

    Just wanted to share... Its so damn long I have not come close to finishing it. But his list is exhaustive and contains almost all the prominent RPG's of my youth. Including my favorites. Gamasutra - Game Design Essentials: 20 RPGs Edit: More from the author Gamasutra - Author Bio
  15. Grimsark

    Galactic Civilizations III

    Galactic Civilizations III I played the first two. Enjoyed both. I will probably do this.
  16. Grimsark

    Pathfinder - Pen and Paper RPG Books

    I realize that the OGL allows for the vast majority of the Pathfinder rules to be plastered online inthe SRDand other enthusiast web pages, but call me crazy, I prefer to own the books for both esthetic and sentimental reasons. Plus, its more convenient for me in many ways. So, for those that...
  17. Grimsark

    StarRuler (Older less flashy StarDrive)

    I was wondering why StarDrive struck me as so familiar. I remembered StarRuler, and noticed it wasn't listed here. I remember back when this game was still in development. I tried playing it, feature incomplete, and got tired of it quick. Then promptly forgot about it for a few years! But...
  18. Grimsark

    Desktop Dungeons

    I played the original freeware version quite a bit some time ago, but I have not played this version of the game in a year. I recently revisited the official page and they have been at work. Slowly, but surely. From the looks of it, you can play free till next week. Its a solid game, very...
  19. Grimsark

    Flash/Browser Games Thread

    Ludum Dare 25 Atomic Creep Spawner!! - deepnight - 48 Hour Compo Entry