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  1. OneofOne

    Minor Household Appliances

    Ya'll were helpful last time I bought a washer/dryer set (damn 8 years ago... time flies), so I'm back with another inquiry. Maybe two. I'm looking to get a new electric hot water kettle. The one we have now (Brentwood KT-1780 1000W 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Tea Kettle -...
  2. OneofOne

    Eve Mobile

    Shoutout to @Borzak for mentioning this in the Eve Online thread. Eve is going mobile, and open alpha starts 12/2. Currently titled Eve Echo, its already on the app store for DL. I know very little about it, but wanted to mention it to those interested, that dont read the Eve thread. If its...
  3. OneofOne

    PS4 games for our kids

    I got a PS4 been collecting dust, so I hooked it up for my almost 7 yo son. Looking at games, was curious if anyone had suggestions for age appropriate games, or ones we can play together without me stabbing myself in the eye. I know I'm not the only parent here. Son is pretty damn smart. Has...
  4. OneofOne

    Ripping audio from video

    Anyone have a great site they use? Mine keep getting neutered into no longer being useful, and I'm rather suspicious of spam/spy/crap-ware from most free sites. Of course, only to be used on non-copyright stuff. Of course.
  5. OneofOne

    Age of Wonders: Planetfall

    Just learned about this tonight, though it's been public for damn near a year now - guess we're slacking here on FoH. Based upon the Age of Wonder franchise, which is fantasy, it's not a reskinned AoW:3, but a nice (looks like) iteration on it. For those not familiar with AoW games, think...
  6. OneofOne

    Anyone got a pic of Shelly?

    As title. Apparently my google skills suck, or it's in among the many nonworking pics on the site.
  7. OneofOne

    CASA - Any experience here? Been thinking of different stuff to volunteer for for a bit now. When I ran across this it sounded quite interesting. I've tried to dig up as many reviews, info, etc that I can find to get a more even idea of the program. I was curious...
  8. OneofOne

    Water Heaters

    I'm looking for a new water heater, Energy Star, 40 gal, gas. Any opinions on things to stay the hell away from, or something you want to sing the praises of? Been reading reviews and best/worst lists until my eyes are now bleeding, and the only thing I've come away with is - they all suck and...
  9. OneofOne

    Court rules can manipulate ratings

    As title. The site has always been 50% shit imo because they've been doing this for a while, regardless of what they say. But now they really can delete your good reviews if you don't pay them. It partly makes sense, and is partly fucked up. Well, mostly fucked up - I don't subscribe to...
  10. OneofOne

    6.0 Earthquake in Napa, CA

    I'm 25 miles away and it woke my wife and I up as our entire house was shaking but good. Lots more damage than I'd have thought. Gov has declared a state of emergency (though all things considered, this is still small time). I can only imagine some of the pics from wineries we haven't seen...
  11. OneofOne

    Suing Warner for falsely collecting royalties on "Happy Birthday" song

    Lawsuit Filed To Prove Happy Birthday Is In The Public Domain; Demands Warner Pay Back Millions Of License Fees | Techdirt Hope they win huge.
  12. OneofOne

    The Purge This actually looks interesting. I'm always interested in these sorta "what if" future scenarios.
  13. OneofOne

    Libertarianism - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    And this is where you lose me every time. We already know what happens with "states rights", and states competing against each other. We get a state passing fucked up credit laws allowing credit card companies to rape customers, and what happens? All the credit card companies go to that...
  14. OneofOne

    What's with all the shill bots?

    What is the current requirement for posting access on this site? Simply make an account and boom - you're posting? This isn't some hardcore elitist site, but making sure you can speak reasonable English and not just a mishmash of copy-pasted words doesn't seem that high a hurdle. Especially...
  15. OneofOne

    Need a CD/DVD drive for Mac Mini

    As title says. Started to so some searching but I'm suffering from information overload haha Anyone have suggestions? Not looking for anything fancy, just something to (mostly) read CDs and (occasionally) write DVDs.
  16. OneofOne

    Washer and Dryer

    Looking to buy these. So far looking at (basic) electric SpeedQueens and (basic) electric Amanas. I say basic because we really don't want all the electronic bells and whistles that just end up being nothing but a drain on the wallet to repair. Wife's research says SQs are the way to go for...