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  1. Conefed

    Trover Saves the Universe

    This seems to have gone under the radar and I'm treating it as Rick and Morty content until the fall. The speaking style is a work of art and graphics work for me. Perhaps the best controller tutorial of all time.
  2. Conefed

    Job Requirements: Resumes not perfectly fitting.

    In this thread, post your experiences either as an employer or as a job seeker where this happens and offer your anecdotal advice. I hear you should apply anyway, that job requirements are just suggested guidelines I usually apply to things I think I could learn. However, I do draw the...
  3. Conefed

    $25 Amazon Gift Card for apps, expires 12/31 - Suggestions?

    2 parts - 1st part - I have received a $25 credit, that can be used on Amazon apps, such as games, by installing the Amazon App for the first time and ordering something from there. The disclaimer says there is only a chance for the reward, but 2/2 rl friends tried it and both got $25. You...
  4. Conefed


    Wedding soon. For honeymoon the future wife and I would like to do the spa thing. Endless massages. Looking online kind of makes them all the same. If the case, we'll probably just go to the closest, 2nd cheapest one. Has anybody been to must-go-to spa?
  5. Conefed

    Paper Shredders

    I've been tasked with replacing our burned out Paper Shredder. Even Wal*Mart brands are expensive, research is in order. Googling for hours and don't really see a difference. What do ya'll suggest?
  6. Conefed

    What is the Best first episode?

    The rest of the season may suck - But what is the best first episode out of all television series? This question arose from my friend circle after rewatching The Walking Dead from the beginning. The Walking Dead - Highlights Episode 101 The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye AMC My compiled list:
  7. Conefed

    Juices / Drinks

    Sunny Delight, Watermelon FAIL I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I'd rather have Kool-Aid. It might have more nutrients or whatever, but it probably contains enough unhealth to cancel out. Go Kool-Aid. It might be reasonably priced compared to other big juices, but since it is...
  8. Conefed


    This is my beta key. I've so far used it twice without any problems. So perhaps free Solforge for all. Digital Card Game Currently there are only two decks for the free PC version and they are randomly selected as far as I can tell. Easy AI is easy Normal is tough balls to beat -which...