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  1. Cupcaek

    Star Wars Squadrons

    Looks like reveal for this is coming on Monday. Will probably never live up to the original rogue squadron games Squadrons Youtube Reveal
  2. Cupcaek

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite (aka harry potter pokemon go)

    Looks like this launched today. Made by same people who did pokemon go. Friend Codes @ZyyzYzzy 1951 1872 8872 @Black_Death 6200 4544 3622 @RobXIII 7834 3363 2921 @Tarrant 3846 9897 9731
  3. Cupcaek


    So I'll be going here for 4 days for a bachelor party in April. I'm the one planning this and looking for a few more recommendations. This is the last of my college roommates to get married and all the other bachelor parties were tame due to being planned by weirdos or family so we are looking...