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  1. Palum

    EE question

    Hi, it's been a while since my EE classes, I need some real engineering insight before I make a terrible messy mistake on a guitar... I have used conductive spray paint to create a RF shell to kill interference. I'm also using it to ground out all metal parts (passive audio equipment so no...
  2. Palum

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    So this game is coming out to NA tomorrow, any thoughts?
  3. Palum

    Bomber Crew - WW2 FTL lite

    This game is fun for the price, on sale right now for $12 and change. Very difficult and a bit RNG. Neat time waster. Hilarious consequences like when I didn't realize I hadn't sent my flight engineer in from the wing fixing the engine and did an emergency dive, he just flies off and dies...
  4. Palum

    Wargaming + GW 40K collab rumors

    Warhammer 40,000 in World of Tanks Blitz – Warhammer Community My guesses on possibilities: 1) testing the waters complete one off (lame shit but possible) 2) interesting side result of CA + GW relationship after wargaming took over publishing of tw: arena and GW and WG both said "OK imagine...
  5. Palum

    How to Eat a Loaded Baked Potato

    I need help settling an argument from dinner. Perhaps @Picasso3 can contribute expert testimony.
  6. Palum

    Survived By

    F2P isometric mmo with permadeath but a legacy system. It looks somewhat interesting as a time waster at least if it doesn't end up more, but I thought it deserved a mention because it's not a stupid kickstarter (that it looks like, anyway). You can sign up for a closed alpha on their site...
  7. Palum

    Inquisitor Martyr

    New clusterfuck 40K game? ARPG masterpiece? Saw the trailer before maybe someone posted it but couldn't find it again. Came out into EA on Steam today. Seems slower 40K Diablo. Anyone in on this?
  8. Palum

    Analysis of Picard

    We all realize Worf is the superior rating. However, we still need to put to rest what Picard means. Yin/Yang.
  9. Palum

    Pools and Spas

    Does anyone have experience with the newest generation of variable speed pumps from the big manus (Pentair vs Hayward)? I am immediately turned off by the apparent 'single piece unit' design of the Pentair which apparently makes it impossible to swap out any component of the 'operating'...
  10. Palum

    Cloudflare compromised

    sites-using-cloudflare/ at master · pirate/sites-using-cloudflare · GitHub So basically a ton of sites it looks like?
  11. Palum

    YouTube Channels

    I would like to share some channels that regularly produce content. I find myself more engrossed with some of the stuff here than on TV or any of the streaming services these days. History/HIW: Aquachigger treasure seeker, mostly civil war stuff and things tourists leave behind Rob Dyke -...
  12. Palum

    Poker Sims/Trainers?

    I'd like to really start getting back in to poker before I go back to Vegas next time so I can play some more table games. Anyone know of a game/app that is a good simulator/trainer? Play store is aids and I don't really want a novelty or narrative thing like I've seen on steam. Really I...
  13. Palum

    Dungeon Boss (Android/iOS): EQ/WoW flavor team Pokemon

    If you'd asked me a year ago if I would ever consider a mobile game anything more than just 'better than solitaire' I would have said no. However, this is one of the most fun games I've played in a while. The combat is very simple but the strategy and tactics are extremely deep. Unlike other...
  14. Palum

    Tactics Games

    I'm trying to remember what series it was that I had played on the GBA. The most defining feature I remember was you had to level up specific dudes who you then sacrificed to make some demon sword or something to equip an OP character, like a dragoon. I think it was Tactics Ogre, but it may...
  15. Palum

    Drones and Autonomous Aerospace

    I realize we have had several discussions in specific threads regarding some facets of these technologies such as hobby drones, self-operating vehicles of all types and sizes, businesses and lawmaking, but I well and truly believe this is going to become a huge part of the evolving landscape in...
  16. Palum

    Armored Warfare [Modern WoT]

    AW (Armored Warfare - Official Website) has now entered open beta and have stated no more resets. I will reference World of Tanks a bunch, but I will explain as best I can if you want to get into vehicle warfare. I put a lot of time (and money) into WoT over the years, but as any player will...
  17. Palum

    Phoenix & Arizona

    So, sort of delayed since I've been here for about two years now. I feel like there's atonof 'stuff' but I really haven't started to have downtime until recently. In the last 15 years I've been to: Grand Canyon Pima A&S/AF boneyard Recently I've been to: Flagstaff/Snowbowl (winter)...
  18. Palum

    The King is dead

    Blues legend B.B. King dies at age 89 in Las Vegas - It's a sad day. Glad I got to see him live before he passed.
  19. Palum

    Furry Festival Attacked

    gas incident sends 19 to hospitals - Chicago Tribune Not sure... what... I mean... OK. Clearly the work of GamerGate.
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  21. Palum

    Demonoid back online?

    Not sure if elaborate fishing scheme.
  22. Palum

    Electronics manufacturing

    So I have a concept I'm looking to move into a business proposal and get pricing to start putting together the research necessary to fund the project. I get start-up company issues, capital, marketing, R&D embedded device & software design: basically all the research that will need to be done...
  23. Palum

    The 'Yet Another Mass Murder' Thread

    Student dies, teacher hurt at Oregon high school; man with rifle deadLos Angeles Times Granted, this one was only partially successful. I figure the 'niche' of mass homicide somewhat transcends the politics, cops and gun control threads and there are now too many to have individual threads...
  24. Palum

    Tools for dumb webpage thing?

    So I need to accomplish a fairly simple task. I could do it in any number of languages or tools, but I'm trying to think of the clearest way to construct something light weight accessible via a web server (IIS or Apache is fine). Essentially, I need to build a simple 'script' builder for a...
  25. Palum

    This shit just got serious

    Alright, remember this? So I got bored. Got some of your PB layers here... Got some homemade PB frosting here... Got that special homemade chocolate frosting here... And then the el chocolate cheesecake layer ready to hit the oven... To top it off this chick I had a...