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  1. Hatorade

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    I feel like I should get this but I don't.
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    GoT - Is Over, Post Your Drogon Sightings

    Ehhh I think there is like 3 Stephen King books that have a satisfying ending, the man can never finish a book. So par for the course as far as SK goes.
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    Post Your Pet

  4. Hatorade

    Blaster Master (What the &#%& am I looking at?)

    Played this a bunch as a kid, I remember finding some weird pause bug where you pause when doing damage and it keeps hurting the bosses.
  5. Hatorade

    Dark Alliance Remastered.

    I loved 1 and 2, really curious if they hold up.
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    Keyboards & Mice

    OK every mouse I have bought in past few years the left click button starts to fuck up within months. Recommend me a good, durable mouse please. Logitech G Pro still the go to, last one I had left click gave out as well. Or maybe it is windows, mouse is double clicking on its own with a left...
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    Also art
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    Monster Hunter Rise

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    It is for general work and bike repair, he is going to mount a vice.
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    Helped a friend build a work bench, came out good considering we got very drunk and he was shrooming half way through.
  11. Hatorade

    Everquest II

    Ends up being the same with macros for all single target attacks under 1, all AoEs under 2, Utility or debuffs under 3, few oh shit buttons thrown around and you just spam 3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2, etc.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Ran into an assassin bug this weekend, very cool. Got my kitten mid yawn and trail cat sighting.
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    Disco Elysium

    If yall get Shivers up there you get a whole different game.
  14. Hatorade

    Dark Alliance (Drizzt and co in Icewind Dale)

    I'm in! As long as I can turn off that screen shake.
  15. Hatorade

    Monster Hunter Rise

    Looks like it is almost a finished game come tomorrow.
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    Yeah I noped out when she left, that and DiNozzo didn't work without her.
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    Mortal Kombat (2021)

    Biggest issue is the unknown villains, aside from Sub Zero we got no information about any of them. Was really hard to care when they were fighting, like the the flying lady that got split in half. What was her powers other than kinda fast, they hinted at her being a banshee type but it never...
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    The Video Thread

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    Jesus you guys are the fucking worst, or just watch a good fucking show with a few flaws.
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    Whole episode..
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    Ha... To elaborate I am pretty good at these games and some chalice bosses can fuck right off.
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    Nier Automata

    Awww yeah few more hours before more robot booty.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    That is actually the path to lucid dreaming, if you can’t read anything and try you can control the dream. That and light switches never work, for me I always think about how dreams are always in black and white and bam I can control the dream. Now if they would stop turning into night terrors...
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    Strong as they need to be, just like Superman.
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    Monster Hunter Rise

  26. Hatorade

    Fast & Furious 9 (2020)

    I will give it to them, they keep on managing to one up themselves.
  27. Hatorade

    Diablo II - Ressurected

    Oh noes... Seriously though if they did this with EQ I would be there day 1 to support it, this is no different.
  28. Hatorade

    Mortal Kombat (2021)

    Ehhhh I was digging it and almost loved it at the 2:11 mark but then it went dub step and that shit wubs me the wrong way.
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    More like teach him a lesson, he could punch his son’s intestines out show it to him put them back in and say this hurts but you will heal...or let some one else do it and continue his manipulation.
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    Element TD 2

    Starcraft 2 has a version of this as well.
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    Monster Hunter Rise

    Sharing here because I learned three things like you can speed up the dragonator reload using the kilns.
  33. Hatorade

    Monster Hunter Rise

    I’m in, have like 1000 hours in world back 800 is deco farming mostly. After farming Fatalis the game kinda died for me it was the set and weapon to have. Killed him 40 or so times made the gear I wanted and barely played after that.
  34. Hatorade

    Monster Hunter Rise

    Beat the "final boss" game feels unfinished... World had second credits this one just keeps on with no way to pursue the "threat". First free hopefully adds an actual ending. Going to knock out the quests I haven't done yet then finally branch out and try something other than the Switch Axe...
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    Monster Hunter Rise

    Huh, had no idea. Just hit HR7 solo because the PUGS have been fail after fail.
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    Monster Hunter Rise

    Very true, village is definitely kid gloves.
  37. Hatorade

    Monster Hunter Rise

    Yes they fixed it in rise.
  38. Hatorade

    Monster Hunter Rise

    Pretty sure they do their moves more often as well, or use the full moveset. Volidon or whatever basically just stood there in village but rolls all over the place in HR.
  39. Hatorade

    Solar Opposites

    The outlander joke was good shit.