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  1. p02greengrocer

    If I wanted to clone the Roller Coaster Tycoon engine...

    ...what would you say my easiest path would be? best path? Does anybody here have experience playing around with the guts of OpenTTD?
  2. p02greengrocer

    cocoa beach florida

    go there and see space rockets take off ya dingus
  3. p02greengrocer

    Trade Wars 2002

  4. p02greengrocer

    MeatQuest - CLASSIC PoP-Locked TrueBox (SINGLEBOX) EQ Server coming soon!!!

    Hail, adventurers! Your Greengrocer here with an exciting announcement from the Nomsanto Corporation: AnnouncingMeatQuest, an all new bank of servers which will run using the same code and client as P2002/TAKP, but with a strictly enforced (through code and through monitoring) singleboxing...