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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    From a PDF that was inadvertently put up on the lawsuit fileserver (googly eyes probably just from the tweet I stole this from), which has since been pulled down, here are Epic's efforts to get first party titles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo on their store:
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    re: female Loki. Guess I'll spoiler this for now.
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    Conan Exiles

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    The Astronomy Thread

    Yup, pretty awesome.
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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    Before they added BR was the last time I played it for more than 10-20 minutes.
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    Justice League (2017)

    I haven't watched this, but may have gotten part of the answer today.
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    GTA V RP

    With crime being so hard for some on Nopixel 3.0, Ron took advantage of a police press conference to ask about this pressing issue.
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    Bet my wife will finally give this show a go now...
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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    Lawsuit is yielding some interesting information. Edit: actually, not sure if these are part of the suit or what. Not sure why they'd have been released otherwise.
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    Marvel Universe stuff

    Casting for FF should be picking up steam pretty soon...
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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    MS increasing the publisher's share on MS Store for PC games from 70% to 88%.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Sounds like that's basically what Elon has just now said. With Bezos stepping away from Amazon, that could be precisely what happens, though he's intending to get more involved running a number of his other initiatives as well.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    I love the idea of it, and nostalgia usually gets the best of me so I roll a bard and... never leave Greater Faydark before quitting again. Just wish they were doing more with the IP than expansion n+1 and ruleset servers.
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    The Astronomy Thread

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    Forza Horizon 4

    Forza wiki has their games covered:
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    The New Mutants (2019)

    Disney has it all now, as we wait to see how mutants are properly induced into the MCU.
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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Well, we're getting Secret Invasion as a series (which could be an entire phase of the MCU IMO), so maybe they'll just wedge Thunderbolts into Cap 4, requiring Cap to get an Avengers team together...
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    Was kinda expecting the events of this episode to be the season 1 finale.
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    2021 NFL Offseason: QB Carousel Imminent -- Retirement Boogaloo

    In value I guess it all balances out to being worth about the 45th selection in the draft. Good trade for both sides.
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    For All Mankind

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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    This was great, just so much of it felt really heavy handed. End credit scene at: 44:50 (meh)
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Perseverance has successfully processed CO2 from the Mars atmosphere into O2.
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    Marvel Universe stuff

    Spidey for Disney+ (after Netflix)
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    Xbox Megathread

    Saves me at least 1 sub. They still could really use a family plan of some sort.
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    Star Trek: Discovery

    Seems like the Paramount properties have denied his, may just be a game or something.
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    Game Pass for Xbox and PC

    People are being randomly invited to the PC / iOS beta, you can access it here if you've been given access - Introducing cloud gaming on (Beta) | Xbox Sounds like it's not in a great state yet.
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    I'll probably never see that screen, unless I get rolled in the beginning of a game or something. When I play I tend to start a new game, play it for several hours over a couple days and then gaming ADD hits and I don't touch it for months.
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    VR Gaming - Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, HTC Vive

    Your Vive or your Quest? Vive worked fine, but I need to replace a Lighthouse, and the Quest works so damn well wirelessly that there's largely no going back. If I need to buy more infrastructure to improve my VR setup I'd rather get another Unifi AP instead of a Lighthouse. Ultimately all...
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    VR Gaming - Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, HTC Vive

    Quest 2 bundles are $50 off at Newegg. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on one w/ strap, going to pack up my Vive and dump it on Facebook for whatever I can get for it w/ one bad lighthouse. Interested in how a couple of them run on the same wifi network (have a v1) and tinkering w/ some...
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Presser starting momentarily.
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    Playstation 5

    Yeah, not sure video games have ever been more popular. Pandemic + scarcity extending the opportunistic buying window... if they could copy this every cycle they would.
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    Outriders (Squeenix looter shooter)

    Suddenly just overrun with technical problems. Game likes to start on my second monitor randomly, and having issues with the mouse remaining visible while playing. This then leads to inevitably clicking outside the game, which windows and shrinks the horizontal resolution to like 1/3 the...
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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Pretty much.
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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    At the very least, she probably just shows up like she did here, recruiting.
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    For All Mankind

    I kind of liked Peanut and the immigrant making nice. First time in two seasons I've liked anything to do with that plot thread.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    I think the timing works for Spacex because it will take a while to certify starship for human flight to/from Earth, while a lander is actually a bit simpler in a number of ways w/ no flaps, no belly flop maneuver, etc.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Yeah, during the presser they also were asked why they only selected one, and they said 'budget'. Some seeing that as a sign that they need more money if people want more landing system options.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Starship has been selected by NASA to take humans from lunar orbit to the surface of the moon w/ Starship. Here's the current plan, as they try and keep SLS alive/relevant: