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  1. McFly

    The Fires of Heaven Podcast

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you a project that I’ll be producing over the next few months and hopefully beyond; The Fires of Heaven Podcast. In this first episode I go over a little bit of the history of the site (from my point of view). I also talk about some of the changes to the...
  2. McFly

    Follow my heart or follow my head/wallet

    Rerolled bros, a new chapter in my life is at hand and I don't have that many ways in my life of getting feedback. So I turn to the interwebs for some career advice. I'm 41 years old and have always had neutral feelings about "climbing the ladder". So, many of my jobs have been modest and...
  3. McFly


    Early access on Steam for this indie title. It looks interesting. Anyone playing this one at the moment? Some comparisons to Minecraft meets DayZ. Rust
  4. McFly

    Will suck dick for SoundCloud embedding...

    ...or donate handsomely or go quietly into the rickshaw. Seriously can this even be done with our host?
  5. McFly

    Gone Home

    I just bought this from Steam. Apparently it released on 08/15. I was looking for a game to play for a while and this looked interesting. It's a first person story adventure. I can tell something is gonna scare the fuck outta me soon. Nothing has happened as I explore the house but it's creepy...
  6. McFly

    ReRolled Minecraft Server III

    I've spoken with Tuco in order to create this thread. It's not replacing the other Minecraft thread. This is specifically for the ReRolled II SMP Minecraft server community. Server:ReRolled II SMP Server Max Players:38 Server Version:?1.5.2? Server IP: Bukkit Beta...
  7. McFly

    New Years Resolutions 2013

    Figured I'd start a thread about this. My 2013 new years resolution is to go 30 days as a vegetarian. (Not fag-cunt vegan). I've been a hardcore meat eater my whole life and I wanted to see what this kind of diet would do to me. No beef, chicken or fish in my diet for the month of January...
  8. McFly


    I did a search and couldn't find it. It's not really TV so I guess this could be posted in the video thread, but I found it quite entertaining so decided to put it here. Decent production value, decent acting. Worth a watch if you're a science fiction fan. There are roughly 31 episodes so far.