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  1. Daidraco

    Stowaway (2021)

    Title: Stowaway Tagline: Millions of miles from home, survival comes with sacrifice. Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller Director: Joe Penna Cast: Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson Release: 2021-04-22 Runtime: 116 Plot: A three-person crew on...
  2. Daidraco

    The Watch

    I'm only an episode in, but it's this weird magic tongue in cheek show. Im not sure how I feel about it in just one episode, but so far its good enough to mention. Comes on AMC, or you can just boot leg it pretty easy.
  3. Daidraco

    The First Guardians - Exos Heroes (Gacha)

    I've been playing this game casually and have been enjoying it so far. I havent paid for anything yet and have several high tier fate characters, even though I didnt do rerolls. I'm sure at the "end game" of it, you'll be highly incentivized to spend money but I have yet to run into that...
  4. Daidraco

    Transit King Tycoon

    I started playing this game cause I saw the ad for it in another game, of course. But as far as Idle games go, I wouldnt rate it as a poor game at all. At its core, you're just scheduling deliveries to cities/towns. But you end up building & upgrading several different parts of the map...
  5. Daidraco

    Captive State (2019)

    Title: Captive State (2019) Tagline: This is no longer our planet Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction Director: Rupert Wyatt Cast: John Goodman, Vera Farmiga, Ashton Sanders, Machine Gun Kelly, Madeline Brewer, Alan Ruck, James Ransone, Kevin J. O'Connor, Ben Daniels, D. B. Sweeney...
  6. Daidraco


    This game has pretty much taken up all my spare time. Very Shining Force reminiscent. Google Play, Apple, and even has a PC client. English and Japanese voice acting / text. Though, very annoying in combat. Very free to play friendly up to about 35.
  7. Daidraco

    Spell Force III

    Long story, but I got the game for free. But so far Im enjoying it. Never played the first two. Anyone else played it and finished it? Does it get better or does the crappy RTS of it kind of fuck it? Trailer Sample Gameplay
  8. Daidraco

    Lien Holding Software?

    Im really looking for some type of third party banking software. Something that I can put a loan, interest rate, and term into the system and it compute that payment for me. Something that is in the cloud, or has online access so that customers can make loan payments by card or ACH. Receives...
  9. Daidraco

    Social Advertising start up

    Ive been thinking about creating an advertising company. Before I became a Finance Manager for an Auto Dealer, I sold cars. I used Facebook and Instagram to advertise a single vehicle for me. The success of the ad depended on the typical factors. I typically had success in this and learned a...
  10. Daidraco

    Hyper Heroes

    I decided to make a thread about this game, because I feel like people should at least give it a try. A revamped system that is redoing guild wars and its problem child with Co-Op mode is coming out this month. Marking an excellent time to start. During the leveling process, the pay 2 win...
  11. Daidraco

    Bioware's "Anthem"

    I just heard about it today. I didnt pay much attention to the E3 thread. But this is the video they released. Looks fantastic, though it appears to favor Destiny in some regard. Anyone have more information about it? Teaser Trailer Game-play Trailer (The Verge Article that showcased the...
  12. Daidraco

    Single PC House?

    The Problem: The PC I own is huge and ugly. Even with its fancy little LED lights, tubes and wires. It doesnt fit anywhere nicely with the theme of the entire house. I want to be able to sit down in my living room and play a game if I want to, or go to my bedroom and play a game. No, I dont want...
  13. Daidraco

    Looking for a Web Site Developer

    I currently have a really simplistic website that leads my clients to a form that is submitting particular information to my email address. This was all accomplished by using the templates that Squarespace provided. This was fine at first, but my business is demanding more and more on a daily...
  14. Daidraco

    Start-up Business Advice

    Outside of games, I dont know any of you and I dont care if I put my personal business or ideas are out there. Maybe it might help some of you with an idea?! (Back ground)Apart from my current job, I am looking to start a business with my Older Brother. My current job has no relation to the...
  15. Daidraco


    I didn't find a Volunteering thread, and thought I could start one if anyone else decides to do something similar to what I'm trying to do. ---------- I meet all different kinds of people when I'm doing my Job. I have an schedule that has 3 on, 4 off, and then reverse the next rotation. - I...