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    IT/Software career thread: Invert binary trees for dollars.

    Add to this they want to sunset Jira on-prem so nothing new is gonna get added or fixed. It's why so many bugs still exist on-prem vs cloud.
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    The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread

    Another Neil Breen classic makes this gain a few points.
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    The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread

    And it's online
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    Poll What Size of Community Do You Live In?

    Almost identical to me but that was in Missouri. The places still exist.
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    Changing it to Mist sparks joy.
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    Nice touch on the boozecube.
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    Let's see which ones you didn't get. Faggot, Cunt, Fuckers, Fucker, Fucking, Fuck, Pussy, Chink, Ass, Asshole, Fuckface, Dickhead, Gag, Faulty Armor, Shit heel, Dammit, Damnit, Damn, Bitch, cockwhore, cock
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    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)!
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    Blood Bowl

    Fuck, it's been almost a decade since we were playing that shit? I think it has the most hours of any steam game I have. I had a few games like Gavin where the statistics and probability gods bent me over a table.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Well now you have to ask for condiments or you don't get them. Maybe they are applying that to straws, napkins, etc... For environmental friendly reasons /sarcasm
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    Run Hide Fight (2020)

    I mean it's worth it for the death of a certain someone if you haven't seen it before.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Essentially, there was some chatter to get in before noon est yesterday and that seems to be when it started to balloon to .08. I threw my meme money at it since I couldn't get into anything else since I'm waiting on approvals for other accounts. Sad because I have 6 accounts and all did the...
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    Investing General Discussion

    That message popped up and it took awhile for it to go through. Since I couldn't get out of my $1000 bucks I just dumped it in doge throughout the day.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Was at 1star back up to 2.5 now. My one star review is still there.
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    Investing General Discussion

    341 likes... I refuse to believe.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Trying through stockpile now. It's pending.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Couldn't this be due to margins? Edit: saw some other posts before this and seeming to be the case. If not... Neowoah.gif
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    Investing General Discussion

    Yep, get that message on all of what I purchased. It's only a few hundred bucks because they cancelled all my orders from two days ago. I don't see how this is legitimate.
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    Investing General Discussion

    I clicked the link and the write-up is from Nov 2020 so that makes sense.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Robinhood message lol.
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    Investing General Discussion

    AMC has been over a day and still sitting at 0. NOK and PLTR filled immediately using robinhood. Already had BB.
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    Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

    Liked the first one up until Cranston bit it in the dumbest way. Second one was dog shit and got rid of the only other interesting character in another dumb way.
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    IT/Software career thread: Invert binary trees for dollars.

    I did something similar for subtask hours to roll-up to the main issue due to R&D credit tracking. Had an intern do it as a plug-in and the package/API/SDK thing they gave you was broken. That was the first vote of confidence.
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    The Foler Farewell Thread

    No more triple posts of trust the plan. Today is a good day... wait, shit.
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    IT/Software career thread: Invert binary trees for dollars.

    People don't understand what they are getting into when they wanna perform all their crazy workflows. 800 hours later they're like hey I finally got it transition from this column to that one when I fill out x field, cool. No thanks.
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    Willy's Wonderland (2021)

    I really think Cage losing all his money a while back was a blessing. Now we all get to all partake in the schlock he's had to put out in order to pay the debts.
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    Willy's Wonderland (2021)

    Title: Willy's Wonderland (2021) Tagline: Let Playtime Begin Genre: Thriller, Horror, Fantasy Director: Kevin Lewis Cast: Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz, Chris Warner, Terayle Hill, Caylee Cowan, Grant Cramer, Chris Schmidt Jr., Duke Jackson, David Sheftell...
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    Waiting on the Camps

    Waiting on the Camps
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Was it at the Phoenix hub? They told me they had trucks backed up for 4-5 blocks and were way behind. Mine was 1-2 day priority and took two weeks. Got it earlier this week.
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    AssHat 2020 Voting Round 4!

    Screamfeeder vs. Caepan Vanessa vs. teekey
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    AssHat 2020 Voting Round 3

    Screamfeeder vs lurkingdirk Lendarios vs. Caepan Dom vs. Vanessa Xequecal vs. teekey
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    AssHat 2020 Voting Round 2

    Araysar vs. Screamfeeder Luringdirk vs. Mist Mudcrush Durtfeet vs. Lendarios Caepan vs. Kiroy Archeron vs. Dom Mario Speedwagon vs. Vanessa Bubbles vs. Xequecal Szlia vs. teekey
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    AssHat 2020 Voting round 1

    Araysar vs. RQB Screamfeeder vs. Bandwagon lurkingdirk vs. Alkorn Mist vs. Nirgon Gavinmad vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet Lendarios vs. Furry Foler vs. Caepan Kiroy vs. RovXIII Lanx vs. Archeron Dom vs. wormie Mario Speedwagon vs. Lightning Lord Rule BoozeCube vs. Vanessa Bubbles vs. Nidhogg...
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    Still no power here. Running off a generator atm. Almost 2 million without on the first day. 100+ mph hit and basically became an ef1 tornado.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

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    Yes it was very surprising that they had this on regular ol NBC. If you liked Silence of the Lambs or Manhunter from 1986, you'll definitely like this. Mads is a great Hannibal IMO.
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    That's because he was middle eye in Apocalypto.
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    Had laryngitis I believe.