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  1. Ukerric

    The Old World - new civ-type game A new turn-based strategy game that I discovered on Quill18's channel. It's much more dynamic than a Civ game. You start with one of the ancient civilizations as the supreme ruler. You get to manage the dynasty (find the right marriage, see how your heirs...
  2. Ukerric

    WTF? Everquest... 3?

    Saw this on my usual MMOlite news channel: Yes. The title includes Everquest 3, and there's apparently some teasing from Daybreak about it. Video above is set to the part about it (which is very, very sparse).
  3. Ukerric

    2 years later... the almost sad state of MMOs in the new era

    (since the previous thread has mostly died, here's a new one) Caveat: this is not a MMO-specialized channel, so having Gamer Zakh excited about Pantheon or Crowfall will probably generate massive groans. But at least, I learned about a few new MMOs (all crowdfunded, of course). Now, discuss...
  4. Ukerric

    The Sad, sad, state of MMORPG in this brave new era...

    I watched this stream about the upcoming MMO and it's... depressing. #1: Ashes of Creation, Kickstarted AND microtransaction-fueled #2: Saga of Lucimia, kickstarted #3: Legends of Aria, crowdfunded #4: Life is Feudal, the MMO, failed on indiegogo, indie funded with a heaping of early access...
  5. Ukerric

    Civilization Online. Not on Facebook

    If you've already played the - now defunct - Civ facebook game, well, that's not it. XL Games (Archeage) is trying to get the A Tale in the Desert mixed with PvP: Civilization Online
  6. Ukerric

    Asheron's Call 1 & 2 F2P, player-run servers

    Subscription Model to End in July | Asheron's Call | Apparently, you'll be able to download the AC1 server to run your own world yourself. No documentation, people are expected to write their own.