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    Cheated out of my youth

    If she had only identified as a man and claimed she was running a tranny sex positive eduction zoom class, then, no problemo.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Oooops! Guess these economic arts degree geniuses haven't figured out what happens to your work load volume and compensation when the powers that be dump millions of 3rd world peoples into the labour supply. The next frames should be a picture of those two fired, with three Hondurans working...
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    The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

    "The Last Of The Mohicans" (based on Dougie MacLean's "The Gael"), arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnoli
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    The smaller the wound the less likely there will be infection, most of the time, but it's not uncommon to throw antibiotics at it just in case. If there has been a surgical amputation, they'll prescribe antibiotics more so to prevent post surgery infection and not for the diabetic ischemia...
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    As someone who carves up diabetic feet wounds from time to time during the week, there's not much antibiotics can do for wounds of a diabetic source, since it's from ischemia and not infection. Unless he decides that now is finally the time to take his diabetes...
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    The Mandalorian

    Going out on Halloween?!!!?!? C'mon man! Wear a damn... 2nd mask!
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    Will Wight

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    Theater Chain Death Watch? Chapter 11s inc

    To be clear, I was referring mostly to Japan. With obesity being the number one risk factor for people under 65 (who are the movie going population), Japan absolutely has a much lower obesity profile than North America, and significantly less risk with transmission in theatres. As for China...
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    Theater Chain Death Watch? Chapter 11s inc

    Their populations also aren't a bunch of fat fuck doomers and Karens that collect health comorbidities like Pokemon.
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    Will Wight