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  1. hory

    Age of Empires 2 Tourney on twitch this week.

    Really good stuff going on all week. I loved playing this game and it's fun to watch people who have kept with it.
  2. hory

    Streaming the NFL out of market

    I tried to sign up for PS vue and and spoof my phones location in order to get out of market games. Problem is since Pokeman GO google has some hard coded location routine that can't be tricked. I don't feel like rooting the phone to get around it. Anyone know of a good alternative to...
  3. hory

    AMC Movie pass

    Probably much more reliable than the movie pass, also works on 3D, IMAX, Dolby etc. They just built a brand new, state of the art, AMC with a bar and food service here in fort worth a few miles from me. I would thnk If you live near an AMC theater this is totally worth it. AMC Theatres' $20...