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    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021)

    How are you going to make a movie called Without Remorse and NOT include the decompression chamber scene from the book? This was just MBJ fucking people up, not a Tom Clancy book. As a movie it was good. As Tom Clancy's Without Remorse it was a hot dumpster fire.
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    Ford F-150's are the thing here. Also I didn't get the 6.2L, it has the base V8. I didn't want to have to buy premium fuel. Also I don't have much need for that much HP, I'll *maybe* tow something 1-5 times a year.
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    I was maybe an hour from leaving the dealership. 6 years in Vegas had beaten the shit out of my traded in Tundra so I parked away from everything. That way I could park like an asshole AND I wouldn't have to go to jail for murder 2 if I got a door ding.
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    Just traded my 2011 Tundra with 238,000miles in for this 2021 Silverado 1500 Z71. It has everything!
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    Star Wars general purpose movie stuff

    I told my wife while coming home from this steaming pile that it was the last time SW got any money from me.
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    You know you're getting old when.....

    Just got home from having a colonoscopy.....fuck turning 50.
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    Hitman 3 from IO Interactive

    I was on the 1st level in Dubai and there was one guard near the security office that ignored the fact that I wiped out every guard and staff member around him. I'm like 'WTF'. I made it a point to go and shoot his ass before I left the level.
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    Hitman 3 from IO Interactive

    Do I need to play Hitman 1-2 before playing this one?
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    Post Your Pet

    Right in the feels man, that fucking sucks.
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    What are you playing?

    God of War New Game +
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    Chair F*cking Simulator(I have never had this much fun!)

    TIL there is a game about fucking a...
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    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    it was ok, 2.5/5. After credit scene is great though.
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    The Mandalorian

    When they show him with his armor cleaned up I think I got a woodie.
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    You know you're getting old when.....

    Not only remember this, I remember the 'making of' video for it as well. Sad to think it was so mind blowing at the time.
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    Ghost of Tsushima

    Late to the party but HOLY SHIT this game is addictive. Also I suck at swordplay.
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    MS Flight Simulator 2020

    Well this looks amazing in 4k. Not sure about FPS but it autoselected ultra and I didn't see any stuttering. Oh and never ever EVER let me fly a real plane. I don't know wtf I'm doing. Also where are the guns?
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Sees to run ok. Really didn't play very long as I beat it on PS4. Monitor doesn't do HDR and maxxes at 60. Too new to think about replacing.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Happy 4th !
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    Post your battlestation 2019

    I use a (2) desk ends I bought in 2005 from a commercial office supply place. I cut one in half and made them 'L' shaped. It doesn't have drawers but it has a lot of air flow. It's also 1-1/4" thick so you can stand / beat/jump on it and nothing will happen.
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    Post your battlestation 2019

    Update! I went full retard at the beginning of the year. Desk / Monitors are the same but the PC is new. CPU : AMD 3950X RAM: 64Gb G.Skill M2-SSD (2) Gigabyte 2tb PCI4.0 (1) Sabrent 2tb PCI - 4.0 PCI riser TT Premium MOBO - MSI X570-ACE Fans - (8) Corsair LL120RGB CASE-Corsair 680X...
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    I had a 2005 300C , sold it with 120,000 on the V8 in 2018 and it was a tank. Worst thing we had was a fan go out.
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    Doctor Who

    yeah pretty much the female doctor series has shit writing and cringe acting. I think I'm done too.
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    The Animated GIF Thread

    Awesome , now I want a waterjet!.
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    Your favorite intro scene in a movie

    The opening of the 1st Blade movie. Blood Disco , pumping Rave beat, into a kick ass fight.
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    The Witcher

    I'm one of them. I fired it back up. Since I cannot find any of my old saves I'm starting from zero again too.
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    The Mandalorian

    Ahh Ok. I didn't watch Rebels (I will soon, going to watch all the cartoon SW series on Disney+). I thought it was just a big vibroknife/sword.
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    The Grand Tour (from the guys in Top Gear)

    HOly FUCK ME I forgot about the expanse. I'm going outside to BEAT MYSELF SENSLESS then I'm power watching season 4. And I wanted to finish my new PC this weekend. Looks like nothing is getting done......
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Never been to those. When I still lived on the east coast I visited Brattonsville battleground and historic district. It was pretty great.
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    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    Most helpful! I just Doomsday by itself didn't turn up shit.
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    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

    I had no idea wtf you all were talking about, I just watched Flashpoint and HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AMAZEBALLS!!!! Are there more like this (this good) in DC?
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    so so fucking good. They really need to stick the landing.
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    The Boys

    Yes please!
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    It's legit FUCKING AWESOME
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    The Mandalorian

    If you had been in the theater with me , you would have heard the Darth 'breathe' , seen the red saber, then heard my dumb ass yell 'HELL YEAH' out loud.
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    The Mandalorian

    That's why it's my favorite movie outside the original trilogy. About 3/4 the way through I realized there was no way this would make sense unless everyone dies. Thought there was no way Disney would let that happen, then damn if they didn't.
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    I told my wife (who grew up in England) that it was a shame she wasn't a kid in the 80's because she cannot appreciate how fucking awesome this show is. I went from wondering out loud WTF did I just watch on the 1st episode to looking forward to it every week. Anyone with even a passing idea of...
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    You earned 10.0Gþ₤ Latinum from your paycheck.

    My new hero! I've looked for that several times and didn't see it.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Fuck it! I just submitted a refund request. i don't need this aggravation in my life. FUCK THEM! 50/50 if I get it though, I show 172 minutes of play time yesterday before Cockstar(tm) screwed the pooch. Assuming it does I'll get it when it comes out on Steam. Now I just have to talk myself...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Played it for about an hour this morning , had to stop cuz life. Cocksukerstar(tm) patched it and now the motherfucker just crashes. Fucking launcher. Fucking fuck fuck fuck.
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    The Outer Worlds

    When I decided to get married I made it a point to never ever ever buy/play/try a game that doesn't have a pause button.