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    Hood: Outlaws and Legends (PvEvP, payday/L4D style game)

    TL;DR : Gritty Robinhood heist game with pvp -multiple console and PC release Introduction : In a violent, medieval world, outplay rival gangs in intense PvPvE multiplayer heists. Moving in stealth to steal treasures unseen or dominating through loud and brutal combat, only the best will...
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    The Realm -- Relaunched

    I actually play this once and awhile since the new guys took over. I have not seen or heard anything really, but I am not actively trying to play the game to meet new people and befriend them either. I will say there are some guys in the discord that align pretty heavily with this forum though...
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    I've been busy. Ill try to resub and save it.
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    Desktop Computers

    Can maybe save some bucks via pcpartpicker and shop for the cheapest price. I am thinking of a very similar build in the next month for myself.
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    Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

    Bought this. Have to travel for work so I wont be able to play for a few weeks past this weekend.
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    Fallout 4

    I fully forgot that they took that out. No wonder I disliked playing through so much as I was forced to play it as a FPS. Its coming back to me now, and yeah that is some bullshit. No reason why melee cant slow down time and aim for someones eyes, throat, genitals, ect.
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    Fallout 4

    I agree, but modders fix this issue for the most part. At least adding it in and putting in some varied effects. There needs to be special dialog involved when you power fist someone straight in the nuts, modders have a harder time doing that with voices and such.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Can hit me up, Valos Sirith. Ill be on for abit this afternoon.
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    The Video Thread

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    Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls

    2girls1demon / rerolled
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    Pokemans and how to catch them with your phone - friend codes in OP

    So pokemon + ingress, should work well. There will be multiple places to catch the same pokemon and the events will be held in the most popular spots in various cities. Some out of the way places will be crucial for unlocking various hunting grounds I bet.
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    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    Hopefully this also means a english port of the online game to PC. Perhaps it was already announced and I am just out of the loop.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    9 so you're not hating spira, then 10-2, play suikoden 1 and 2, then Im sure others will mention something else to play from the past.
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    SOE Becomes Daybreak / Russian shutdown

    I believe it comes down to perception of the product. You already have access to that area/zone. Why would I purchase an expansion that only reskins the zones? Why don't they just add it as a free content update? Ect ect. Its a much harder sell to have a expac that takes previous zones and...
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    SOE Becomes Daybreak / Russian shutdown

    The biggest problem and downfall of starting cities is future content. When the expac launches you have a lot of wasted content and space. God forbid you didn't make them all link up with banks/storage areas, so now you have people that HAVE to go back to do trivial boring shit. And that will...
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    Youtube Games

    You're not going to see big names hoping over to youtube anytime soon, they have signed away that right. And as stated as long as they DMCA livestreams no one is going to stick around. Ingame music is fucking them right now, let alone the playlists some listen to.
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    The Putin is an Idiot Thread

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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Best bet is still Bluegartr.FFXIV: Advanced Theorycrafting
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Sounds like something for blizzard games.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Honestly they are all so close it doesnt really matter.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    3% more damage and 2 more seconds for quality of life. Its not THAT much more.
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    Dr. Mario's Retard Rehabilitation Program

    Mist I still want to know your end game here. Why explode and get sent to the RRP? If you hate the people of the forum so much all you have to do is just stop coming here. Hundreds have already, without a huff. You just simply stop. I never could get any of the people that request to get deleted...
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Monks got a buff. Astros get a major buff. Dark knights in dps mode can last abit longer. Was surprised monks got a buff, but Ill take it.
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    Dr. Mario's Retard Rehabilitation Program

    Mist, whats the point of all this? Is this your protest to open up the eyes of the forum to wormies trolling ways? Is this your last hurrah before you leave the forums? If its the later why not just stop coming to the forums without the bullshit.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    Oh yeah, you're still in ISIS. Anyone that took a Archer name were kept.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    You can just be invited back. Valos Sirith in game. Become a playboy billionaire jihadist.
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    It's time to come clean.

    You do, this is why everyone hates you. Stop, calm down and just walk away.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    The rename is mainly for fear that someone in CS gets a report and decides to delete rather than rename. 1.8m in action points and the housing is not something I want to lose.
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    Project Gorgon, round 2.

    Considering art and animations are the most costly and time consuming stuff. I am holding my judgement on that until after the kickstarter and into the steam alpha/beta. The kickstarter was launched for those very things, as its a 2 person operation and neither are artists/animators.
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    Final Fantasy XIV

    They are putting in a rename feature for FCs. Finally ISIS can become something less terroristy.
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    Project Gorgon, round 2.

    Backed this today at the 30 dollar mark. It looks like it met all its goals and is sitting pretty at 65k+ with 17 hours to go. Just the idea of me hitting nerds with my fists and them telling them they're adopted as a skill set is hilarious enough to merit the 30 dollars.
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    [Manga] Bleach (spoilers to current)

    Ill donate 10 dollars to the man that assaults kubo to the point where he cant draw anymore. 10 whole dollars.
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    DOTA 2

    Rick and morty announcer pack is apparently coming with the patch today.
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    Fallout Shelter android/iphone

    If you want to just have some fun with the game. Get a mr handy or two and put them on your resource levels. Start tracking your wandering dwellers or just go into the build menu. The robots will just keep gathering stuff for you and no attacks will happen. You can build up all the caps in the...
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    DOTA 2

    You were in my static before. Now you refuse to play FF14 AND dota 2 at the same time.
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    DOTA 2

    Aui's been kicked for the same reason twice. He's a good player, but he apparently doesn't mesh well at crunch time. And what ppd said about him talking a lot, but saying little.. That comes across in any of his videos where he explains something. I don't fault ppd for kicking aui if they as a...
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    Twitch plays Dark Souls

    Just a increased factor of time.
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    Twitch plays Dark Souls
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    Project Gorgon, round 2.

    Sithro, thats already my build. I beat people with my fists and my words.