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  1. Erronius

    Poll Is dipping your french fries in a milkshake acceptable?

    Is dipping your french fries in a milkshake acceptable?
  2. Erronius

    If you voted for Erronius, pls go change your vote

    I've been saying from the beginning that I don't want peoples votes and not to vote for me, but apparently not many people actually read the campaign threads or the campaign discussions. It's been debated ad nauseum elsewhere but since a_skeleton_03 insisted on forcing me to participate in this...
  3. Erronius

    Safe Space Thread - Faggots Inquire Within

    So, does a_skeleton_02 get himself banned or does this turn into just another boring and short-lived Rickshaw thread?
  4. Erronius

    Noodle's Anime Waifu GF spank-bank thread

    Title says it all. I'm sure that Noodle thanks everyone in advance.
  5. Erronius

    He Never Died - with Henry Rollins

    How in the fuck did this never get posted and it releases in 2 days? Give Astro negs to offset this injustice.
  6. Erronius

    PCB milling and circuit projects

    I was talking to people at my school about etching PCBs (we still have a lot of supplies in a storage room that have been there forever) but people were telling me that we could just use some of the small mills that we have to do that, instead of fudging around with chemicals. I've been looking...
  7. Erronius

    Pics of the ugliest whores/escorts in your hometown

    Thread is simple: look for the ugliest, nastiest escorts/hookers in your town and post their pics or Backpage ads. You get major bonus points if you find someone that you know and post pics of her holding a legit non-'Shooped sign with Rerolled on it, or Rerolled on her tits. Thanks to...
  8. Erronius

    The Christmas Avatars Thread

    It's time to get this ball rolling. You know what to do.
  9. Erronius


    I'm surprised that we didn't have a generic college thread here, so I'll just copypasta this here from another thread: I'm one, maybe two semesters away from a technical associates degree and a couple of classes beyond that I could get a 2nd tech associates and a certificate (due to a...
  10. Erronius

    The Kansas City BBQ "get-together and pig out" thread

    A few of us on the forum who are from KC have been talking about getting together on a weekend this fall to descend upon at least one local BBQ establishment like a horde of locusts. I'm thinking of the 1st or 2nd weekend in November but that isn't set in stone. I know that there's quite a...
  11. Erronius

    Do you Arduino?

    I've been tempted to get an Arduino (or one of the alternatives) and find a few projects to play around with. Has anyone here done anything like this? I've looked through Instructables and I saw a few interesting projects and I figured that the odds were good that someone here has. Or has...
  12. Erronius

    Restaraunt Review Thread

    The premise is simple: review restaurants that you've been to. Local or not, high-end or dives, formal dining or eating at a food truck in pajamas and flip-flops, it doesn't matter. This is a thread for advertising your area's awesome foods, talking about how an old favorite place has gone...
  13. Erronius

    The Rerolled Igloo thread

    It snowed a bunch here today so instead of sitting on my ass, I decided to go outside and build myself an igloo. Post pics of all the igloos that you guys have made. Extra points if you have dead hookers in them or something else interesting.