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  1. Warr

    2020 GOTY

    I don't think we have a thread for it. Let's hear your takes. My vote is for Ghost of Tsushima. Gorgeous presentation and smooth gameplay in a setting I am fond of. Was pretty clearly my front-runner and then we got a sweet multiplayer update for free that I would have happily paid for as...
  2. Warr

    VFW (2019)

    Title: VFW Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror Director: Joe Begos Cast: Stephen Lang, Martin Kove, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly, Dora Madison, Sierra McCormick, George Wendt, Fred Williamson, Tom Williamson, Travis Hammer, Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier Release: 2019-09-19...
  3. Warr

    Tap Titans 2 (idle/incremental games)

    Anyone else playing this? Just came out and apparently there was a decent following for the first one. Tap Titans 2 - Android Apps on Google Play I have a idle/incremental game habit but the gameplay loop for Clicker Heroes, my main game, is mostly solved now.