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  1. Tarrant

    Valheim - Viking Survival Game (Early Access)

    So I thought I'd ask if anyone else is playing this? I picked it up yesterday and liked it so much I rented a private server for my friends and I to play on. I'd never even heard of it until it released into Early Access yesterday. It's priced great at $20 and so far it's been a lot of fun...
  2. Tarrant

    Bread Machines

    My wife’s RA is getting too bad to kneed bread dough anymore and she’s wanted a bread maker for awhile anyway. Anyone here have good recommendations?
  3. Tarrant

    GameStop Stock Worth $5.13...But Only Worth 7cents In Store Credit

    Looks like Amazon and Digital will soon be the only real ways to get a variety of new games in the near future. I mean we all knew this would eventually happen but this took a beating today and many are saying it cant come back. GameStop ‘Burns to the Ground’ and Analysts Fear No Rebound
  4. Tarrant

    Best All Inclusive's

    Hey all. So, as dd as it may sound, I've never truly taken a vacation and I've never seen the ocean. It's top of my list of things to do before I'm 40...I'm 38 now. I don't have a ton of money but I'd like to take my wife somewhere nice for a late honeymoon. I'd like to stay in the $2k and...
  5. Tarrant

    New Amsterdam

    Title: New Amsterdam Genre: Drama Creator: David Schulner Cast: Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims, Anupam Kher, Tyler Labine First aired: 2018-09-25 Overview: Dr. Max Goodwin, the hospital's newest medical director, sets out to tear up the bureaucracy and...
  6. Tarrant

    Moving Options

    I have a one bedroom apartment in storage in MN and I need to move it to central Michigan. A Uhaul before gas would run me about $550-$600 and I dont mind doing it all myself at all but I was curious if anyone knew of any services that may do it for close to that? Thanks.
  7. Tarrant

    Black Friday 2018

    Usually we have this thread, I didn't see it so I figured I'd give it a post. Black Friday 2018 Ads - I'm on the fence, all big box retailers are going to have a PS4/Spiderman Bundle for $200, should I go ahead and do that or take my chances that Cyber Monday has them...
  8. Tarrant

    Portable Air Conditioners

    Anyone have any good recommendations? I can’t put in a window unit so I’m looking at a portable one I can vent through the window. Anyone ever use any? I’m looking to keep it in the $300 range. The room I’m cooling is about 250-300 sq feet. Reviews range so wide in many and some units with...
  9. Tarrant

    XBone Controler wont work on my PC

    I'm hopeful someone here can help me. I've been trying for two days to get this to work and it wont. I plugged it in and nothing, the cord lights up, but the drivers never installed. So I go out and find some...Microsoft driver instillation process is all sorts of fucked up and I couldn't get...
  10. Tarrant

    Da Vinci's Demons Season 3

    So Starz released it all on Starz Play, the whole season at once (ala Netflix). This is the 3rd and final season. I'm on episode 2, so far it's decent. Anyone else watching?
  11. Tarrant

    Racism - Lets keep it civil. Also, Gravy is white.

    So I was having a discussion with a friend on Facebook this morning about this topic. It all started when he posted this picture. Reading this bothered me a bit so I responded with this and this was the brief discussion we had. Me: Serious question; Hypothetically, if said black kid in...
  12. Tarrant

    Unfair Mario

    How far can you get? Unfair Mario
  13. Tarrant

    Photoshop/Photo Editing Help Request

    Hey guys, so I am in need of some help. My parents 40th Anniversary is coming up and my mom has always wanted a picture with all her grand kids in it. This summer it seemed like she was finally going to get that chance and get her photo she always wanted as for the first time ever, we will...
  14. Tarrant

    Trip to Dallas

    So I'm going to Dallas for 3 or 4 days for training and will be staying here; I'll have evenings to myself and my whole first day to do whatever I want. Can anyone recommend anything neat within a decent cab fare distance?
  15. Tarrant

    Google Chrome

    So over the last month or so, when I'm surfing the web I'll click back and the tab will just sit there and spin and not do anything. Everything else is fine, just which I click back it acts like its trying to load something and never does. Any ideas why this would be happening?
  16. Tarrant

    Livestream Alternatives

    Hey, I host a movie night on Livestream for my wife's online community and have used Livestream since taking it over a month or so ago. (since thats what they used) Problem is, Livestream suck, chat sucks, and in general it's not very reliable. Does anyone know of a decent service like...
  17. Tarrant

    If you SMELLLLLLLLLLLL, what Hercules, is cookin'!

    New teaser out for Hercules staring The Rock.
  18. Tarrant

    RiffTrax 3 episode mini series coming to Television

    And on National Geographic oddly enough. Show on the National Geographic Channel | Splitsider
  19. Tarrant

    House of Lies: Season 3

    Love this show and this season has got off to a pretty good start imo. That being said, was there no new episode on last night?
  20. Tarrant

    RIP Uncle Phil

    James Avery is dead due to complications from open heart surgery. James Avery, star of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' dies at 67 -
  21. Tarrant


    So isn't it about this time Screeners start popping up? I've yet to see any and there's a couple flicks I wouldn't mind watching in what little down time I'm getting these days. Maybe I'm getting the time of year wrong.
  22. Tarrant

    Grand Theft Auto V

    The new non-shit post fill GTA V thread. Here's some info on the online stuff from the previous thread. Also there was this release from Rockstar
  23. Tarrant

    Duck Dynasty - Season 4

    Figured we'd get the new season thread for it instead of posting in season 3. Last nights premiere broke cable TV records with 11.8 million viewers.
  24. Tarrant

    This thread is already derailed. Spanish train derails, kills 78

    The guy driving the train was bragging on Facebook in the past about how fast he gets the trains up to. Shame it took this sort of thing for it to come to light that hey, maybe he should be fired.
  25. Tarrant


    I'm not accustomed to it and the last 3 days it's been destroying me. How do you guys deal with it?
  26. Tarrant

    The Men Who Built America - History Channel

    I've been watching this all day today, has anyone else seen this? It's super good. It tells the history of American business basically going though the biggest names in business and how they went at one another and the ups and downs of their lives and how they shaped America.
  27. Tarrant

    White House Down

    Went and saw a pre screener of this tonight. I was thrown off a bit, it almost seems like they tried to make it a family movie....but couldn't because they were killing people....but still tried to anyways. Was an okay flick, I'd wait to rent it unless you need a decent date movie. There...
  28. Tarrant

    Worst Major League Sports Commissioner?

    There are some pretty bad ones currently. I'd have to flip a coin between Stern and Selig....leaning towards Selig.
  29. Tarrant

    Question about getting TV service in my back bedroom

    Okay so wher eI live isn't allowing me to drill in order to get cable in my back bedroom and I dont want wires anywhere. Is there a way to do something liek slingbox does but with another TV instead of only wireless devices?
  30. Tarrant

    Now You See Me

    There may be a thread for this somewhere but I wasn't seeing it. It comes out at the end of the month and I won pre screen tickets to it for next week. Looks pretty interesting and I've been looking forward to it.
  31. Tarrant

    RIP Roger Ebert.

    Roger Ebet died today, he was 70. Dude will always get two thumbs up from me, I always enjoyed reading his reviews and loved his show. Even after ahving his lower jaw removed he always remained really upbeat.
  32. Tarrant

    The Croods

    Took my kids to see this in 3D last night, it was a pretty okay flick and the 3D was done well on it. My 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter really liked it so I recommend it if you have kids. Also something it showed me was even when Emma Stone is in the form of a cartoon cavewoman, i...
  33. Tarrant

    Need help picking a game.

    So shockingly, I've never played Dragon Age: Orgins and I've never played Skyrim. Which one should I get?
  34. Tarrant

    Duck Dynasty - Season 3

    You know what? This show is my guilty pleasure. I laugh my ass off at this show, it's obviously fake but I look at it more like a family sitcom then any sort of reality show though. Anyone else watch this?
  35. Tarrant

    Zombies overrun town in Montana

    Someone hacked a TV station in Montana and started an emergency alert saying the dead were rising and atacking people. Pretty awesome stuff. Whats funnier is that it seems some people believed it and called police over it, though they say they recived "no serious calls" over it...
  36. Tarrant

    Olympics Thread

    I had to start a new thread for this, I know it's a while before the games but a huge decision was made recently. The executive board of the International Olympic Committe has decided to drop wrestling from the 2020 games. I wonder how long before the drop Track and Field in favor of Rally...
  37. Tarrant

    Kids Shoes That Squeak With Every Step

    If you buy these for your kid, shoot yourself.
  38. Tarrant

    Things you couldn't live without.

    Now that the majority of us are all grown up, what are some things you couldn't live without that your child self would be like "wtf?" Like for me, I have a cast iron pan I just made breakfast on that belonged to my great grand mother. That damn thing can be sitting next to food and make it...