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  1. TheBeagle


    So I'm going to spend this summer in Salmon, ID which I believe is about 4 hours from Jellystone and plan to spend my off days hiking there whenever possible. I have spent a day or two in Yellowstone before and hit the big tourist attractions like Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs. I'm more...
  2. TheBeagle

    Tierra Del Fuego/Navarino Island, Chile

    So my next big adventure is going to take me to my university's field station on Navarino Island, Chile to study the thermal tolerances of the only true insect in Antarctica. Anyone have any experience down there? It's the southern most place inhabited by humans on planet Earth. I will be...
  3. TheBeagle

    NW Montana

    So I'll be doing research at the Flathead Lake Biological Station for 8 weeks this summer and want to get as many badass outdoor adventures in as I possibly can. This will be my second summer up there, but last year I was either stranded at the Biostation a lot of the time or was out working in...