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  1. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

  2. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

  3. Aaron

    The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)

    Interesting to see that the blackwashing takes to the "bad guys" in this play, the Macbeths. Still, it's one hell of a play. Will be interesting just to see how he does the "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow..." soliloquy. I kind of live by the last part of it: "[Life] is a tale, told by an...
  4. Aaron

    EVE Online

    lol Jesus. Sad to see my first MMO go to shit, but I guess that is the way of all MMOs. You wither close the servers while you're still good or you live long enough to have the devs turn the game to shit.
  5. Aaron

    Dune (2020)

    Just saw it, and liked it. I honestly wasn't expecting to, to be honest. My review in the spoilers:
  6. Aaron

    Geology, Earthquakes and Volcanos

    Eruption at Las Palmas, Canaries. Also, 4chan has been sperging out predicting a mega tsunami (100+ meters) from some massive landslide.
  7. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

  8. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

  9. Aaron

    What did you just read?

    Thanks, will check him out.
  10. Aaron

    What did you just read?

    I suppose this is the best place to ask... My Mother loved to read, but these past few years she's had to listen to audiobooks due to an illness. She's getting a bit fed up with modern novels, and she's read most of the classics. Her main complaint is that so many modern novels are full of...
  11. Aaron

    I'm not saying YouTube isn't going to die. I'm saying that streaming on YouTube is going to die. No-one watches streaming on YT and that part of it will go the same way as Mixer.
  12. Aaron

    I wonder how many millions the top streamers can milk out of YouTube before they go the way of Mixer and they can cash in again and go back to Twitch counting their Benjamins.
  13. Aaron

    Star Citizen Online - The search for more money

    Working as intended.
  14. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    Back during the 90s Newt Gingrich was lobbying for Congress to create a form of a "prize" system for private companies to compete towards unlocking certain space based goals. The prize money increased based on the increase in difficulty. Would have created a good incentive for private enterprise...
  15. Aaron

    I followed and she didn't say my name. 2/10 would not simp!
  16. Aaron

    Boner Notification

  17. Aaron

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Didn't stop this mad lad! :D
  18. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

  19. Aaron


    I'm just waiting for the Super Special Mega Anniversary Anthology Limited Edition Skyrim Pro 9000 for Samsung fridges. Until then, it's still just pre-release in my mind!
  20. Aaron

    The Video Thread

    Those chicks can all vault over my rod and into my mattress any time, even the older ones!
  21. Aaron

    Is a hot dog a sandwich

    Can't believe we're three pages in and no-one's posted the Sandwich Alignment Chart!
  22. Aaron

    Remember when OnlyFans was created and it was supposed to be a way for people in arts and crafts to earn some extra income from fans of what they did? Pepperridge farm remembers. I like to think that somewhere out there, there is some 60 year old dude who likes carving things and got on the...
  23. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    Good news everyone! Not only do women commit 100% of space crime, they also commit 100% of space sabotage! Ain't diversity great! Russia Softens Edges In Space Scandal With US | ZeroHedge
  24. Aaron

    RIP McAfee

    And then did sweet fuq awl with it until he was Epstined and nothing more could be done with it.
  25. Aaron

    RIP McAfee

    I stopped trusting this shit as soon as it took the form of Qtard postings.
  26. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    Regarding how we can't build shit we could 50 years ago, I remember reading about how we couldn't just go to the NASA archives, dust off the schematics to the Apollo 5 rocket and build a couple more if we wanted to go back to the moon. It's not the big stuff that's the problem, but the small...
  27. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    Did someone accidentally merge the Astronomy thread with the Drug Geek thread while I wasn't looking?
  28. Aaron

    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    It's all fun and games until you realise the Gingerbread Man used to be the hard drive where you kept that stash of 1000 bitcoins you bought when they were a few cents a piece!
  29. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    Do it, Musk! Land on the Moon before Nasa! DO IT!
  30. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    I hope Musk dose what NASA did in the 60s and hires some Hollywood directors to find good camera angles and shit to make the launch look amazing. Even though I'm not an American, the camera angles of the Apollo 11 launch, especially when the U S A slowly scroll up, still sends shivers down my spine.
  31. Aaron

    Interesting, Non Political News

    Just Darwin doing his work.
  32. Aaron

    The Video Thread

  33. Aaron

    I just don't understand who the fuck watches any lives streams, much less gaming content, on fucking FB! I remembered a few years ago when I found out that Tradechat chick streamed there and wondered who the fuck watched that? Her granny? Still, if someone payed me a few mill to stream there...
  34. Aaron

    The Astronomy Thread

    That's all fun and games until you realise they give the trajectory plotting job to a diversity hire and end up taking out a major city cos they forgot to carry the 9 or something. But then again, if that major city was LA or NY, they might just be doing humanity a service.
  35. Aaron

    I dunno, if it turns out she's just been lying about having Tourettes this whole time and therefore getting a free pass to say the Jogger word live, well, I'd chuckle. She still has nice jugs though.
  36. Aaron

    RIP McAfee

    So, what ever happened to that Dead Man's Switch that was supposed to be counting down to some amazing revelation that all the government officials were corrupt pedos and shit?
  37. Aaron

    If Asmon had been born 30 years earlier he would have been a perfect talk radio host.
  38. Aaron

    All Creatures Great and Small

    I saw this on TV the other day and felt a bit confused as I seemed to remember having watched it as a kid when I lived in the UK back in the 80s. Then I saw this thread and this little gem in the title post "A remake of the 1978 series." Thanks for clearing that up. The original was very popular...
  39. Aaron

    This is a video about him talking about money:
  40. Aaron

    And that it earns him like $0.00002 for every dollar he makes.