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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Renting Issues

    Hi, Having an awful time finding someone to rent to me. Just to give you all some background, I am making $85,000 a year now. I used to make $56,800 as a Jr Software Engineer (honestly, it was a Software Engineer position with Jr pay for the area, but I needed the experience. plus it's game...
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    ProjectEQ Expansions - TLP EQ for the masses

    deleted, posted a bit too early
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    EQ: Classless.

    After much consideration, I have decided to convert the project that was EQ: Battle Royale into EQ: Classless. Why? Because a full item loot, classless pvp server wasn't as popular and launched at an inopportune time, and the players who went to try the server were PVE players primarily. I...
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    EQ2002: The Better Planes of Power - PoP-Locked, Single Box EQ

    Hey folks, It's been a while since I had an EverQuest itch, let alone any sort of itch for EverQuest. I've been working on a new EverQuest server lately. It is something that I feel that combines the best of old, and new, and shoves them into a unique experience. I'd like to share with you all...
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    Sanctuary EQEmu: Pretty much EQ without the same stuff

    So I've been following this EQEmu project named Sanctuary for a long time. Ever since its inception, it has promised a game about the journey and not the destination - kind of what we experienced in classic, but not quite the same content. I've been a big fan of the concept myself but could...
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    Sony Pictures Entertainment Hacked

    Sony Pictures Hacked, All Computers Reportedly Unusable While this is Sony Pictures Entertainment, and not Sony Computer Entertainment, I can't help but wonder if Sony Online Entertainment has gotten hit by that as they pretty much share an internal network, if I recall correctly, with the...
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    Enlightened Dark: Ascension EQEmu Server

    Hey, everyone. I've found what could possibly be the start of something awesome. There's this new, custom EQEmulator server releasing on March 1st which is called Enlightened Dark: Ascension, and it's shaping up to be one of the coolest things I have ever played in terms of custom EQEmulator...