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  1. Kithani

    The Black Phone (2022)

    Man that shit looked creepy as hell.
  2. Kithani

    DOTA 2

    RTZ not gonna touch ur peepee bruh
  3. Kithani

    Diablo II - Resurrected

    I looked it up, it looks like it was added in 1.10 in 2003. I sure as shit don't remember all these OP rune words but I was also like 13 years old so I was probably just retarded. Well that and there wasn't really much reason to build all that stuff since you could clear everything already and...
  4. Kithani

    DOTA 2

    Am I the only one surprised that some old-school Pro player like Puppey hasn't been me-too'd yet
  5. Kithani

    What tickles your pickle

    Nah just been looking around the country and wondering where people from Portland vacation lol. In the past few hours I have also discovered Oregon's State taxes so I have scratched that off the list anyway!
  6. Kithani

    What tickles your pickle

    Where you at?
  7. Kithani

    Diablo II - Resurrected

    Agreed. Fucking thumb wrestling is better PvP than D2
  8. Kithani

    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    Nah that's what I meant, your story should be an inspiration (but definitely not an example :P) for anyone in the thread imo
  9. Kithani

    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    This is what happens when IT forgets that their function is to support the company doing whatever it is that the company does and instead thinks their department is the central department.
  10. Kithani

    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    Well what does your profile say? And what does this have to do with marriage?
  11. Kithani

    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    Lol reminds me of those rumors of the secret banker in ?Befallen was it? back in like 2001?! I seem to recall some dude spamming every EQ board with that story
  12. Kithani

    Health Problems

    Take a picture of it when it happens so your doc can take a look eventually.
  13. Kithani

    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    Did you ever hear the tragedy (and later redemption) of Darth Onoes the Unwise?
  14. Kithani

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Having that achievement should come with a loss of voting rights IRL, your brain just isn’t fit for making decisions about society.
  15. Kithani

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    I’m no fan of “achievements” but you sure picked a weird way to spell “daily quests”
  16. Kithani

    Project 99 - Green Server announcement

    Literally every other server of every other game is better off with P99 players all playing together on P99, IMO
  17. Kithani

    Vanguard - I don't give a fuck if it's dead, It's still brown as fuck

    I look forward to reading the novelization of your MMO espionage
  18. Kithani

    Autonomous Systems

    Bitch I had 5 of those things in 1999 and they drove my parents crazy. We called ‘em furbies.
  19. Kithani

    Superior Nut Butter

    This thread blows nuts
  20. Kithani

    Wheel of Time series

    What's the verdict on this series in 2021 for someone that never started it back in the day? Still worth picking up and reading or maybe try one of Sanderson's series instead?
  21. Kithani

    Non-Fungible Tokens, and how they are a non-fungible store of value like land.

    pNFT = pre-nerf fungi tunic!? posting in an epic thread
  22. Kithani

    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    This sounds like some epic gameplay, lol
  23. Kithani

    Everquest - Live Servers

    Please sir, stay awhile and sing us the song of your people.
  24. Kithani


    Anyone know how bad the "interview" is for MyAnonamouse? I'm trying to figure out where I can find eBooks of all the Expanse novellas. I don't typically use an e-reader but figure I could download them and use the wife's reader then buy them all when they actually release on print. Edit: well...
  25. Kithani


    A+ thread great read
  26. Kithani

    Furor's 14 Days rant & First Look at WoW

    Yeah some people around here truly are full retard when it comes to women (I guess Furor included). I recommend you send your wife to a good job where she mostly works with women, only thing to really worry about is her eating all the junk food shit the fat chicks bring to work every day.
  27. Kithani

    I am being given a business

    What did you do before?
  28. Kithani

    Everquest TLP - Aradune and Rizlona Servers (Now with real customer service)

    I’m with you dude. 10 hour grind sessions were super cool in middle school when I was home from school at 330 and eating pudding packs with the homies, not so much when I get home at 530 and have grown up shit to do. I just catch a stream here and there and honestly don’t feel disappointed when...
  29. Kithani

    Everquest Confessions

    At age 11 I got a “warning” or so for chasing some wood elf around and asking if I could “stick my pee pee in ur butt.” I later got a free Enameled Black Mace by telling a GM I had one and it somehow disappeared. Inspired by this I then tried the same trick with an Advisor robe and the GM was...
  30. Kithani

    Home Improvement

    Bought a home and moving in this past few weeks... the front gate to the fence has about an 8 inch gap below the gate that I’d prefer to block up so my dogs can’t get out and other dogs can’t get in. It’s an iron gate with bars about 5 inches apart. So far I’ve thought about ordering a small...
  31. Kithani

    Health Problems

    I have always wanted to ask a dosimetrist... how the hell did you end up in that line of work? Like did you study physics in college or something? How does anyone outside of a Rad Onc department even know that job exists in the first place?
  32. Kithani

    I am being given a business

    I would agree with the caveat that doing termite inspections if you’re not qualified (no idea how that works) might be a good way to get lawsuited into oblivion.
  33. Kithani

    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    I feel like you’ve spent too much time in Portland if you feel the need to clarify that a dude is “typical Texan” to explain that he would not be into you boning his wife.
  34. Kithani

    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    Quit being a bitch and tank on your Troll Bst like a real man.
  35. Kithani

    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    “Would be on the level of professional contacts” lmao dude get a therapist
  36. Kithani

    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    He’s from West Virginia. It’s less country music and more about jammin’ to banjos while playin’ with yer cousin’s tiddies (that you paid Krono to play with)