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  1. Fidlen

    Book recommendations for app development.

    So my son asked for books for Christmas on how to create apps. I have no fucking idea. Hes almost into his teens so i am looking for pretty basic stuff to teach him. Would anyone have something they could recommend that would at least get his foot in the door and see if he is interested in...
  2. Fidlen

    General Advice Thread

    I have something I would like your opinions on and figured might as well turn it into a general anyone can ask anything thread. Friend of mine is getting married in a couple months. I live next door to him since grade 7 in school and we hung out almost every weekend and most days of the...
  3. Fidlen


    Didnt see a Skyfall thread yet. Anyway, I was watching this again and noticed something during the song/opening credits scene. I have to believe it was intentional and if you were paying enough attention would be a significant spoiler of foreshadowing. Anyone else catch that?
  4. Fidlen

    Darksiders II

    Worth it? Im only a few hours into #1 and am enjoying it so far. Do you see any reason not to get #2? Price is $20 with all DLC it seems and Darksiders I.
  5. Fidlen

    Storage Wars

    Thought this was interesting. I always suspected it was rigged. What im more surprised of is this is the first Ive heard of Dave being fired. Still good to watch just for the learning aspect of it all. Well that and Barry.
  6. Fidlen

    Black Ops 2

    Anyone else playing this on PC? I know there wont be many considering there is only about 10k on at all times but if so post a steam id or something.
  7. Fidlen

    Gold Rush

    Title: Gold Rush Genre: Documentary, Reality First aired: 2011-06-19 Cast: Parker Schnabel, Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Jim Thurber, Chris Doumitt, Paul Christie Overview: Follow the lives of ambitious miners as they head north in pursuit of gold. With new miners, new claims, new...