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  1. Chersk

    Age of Empires 4

    Search yielded no thread for the latest AoE. Anyone playing?
  2. Chersk

    Last Oasis

    Open world survival game with big land walking crabs releasing on Steam September 3rd. Looks kind of crazy but I'm a sucker for games like this.
  3. Chersk

    Durango - iOS/Android survival MMO

    It feels a bit like a top down Ark so far. Very well done as it should be because I think its been out in the East for a couple years.
  4. Chersk

    Elder Scrolls Blades

    Out now in early access. Pretty slick so far.
  5. Chersk


    From the Ark guys completely out of no where and early access beginning ...uh...Thursday. Yes, this Thursday. Atlas MMO: Hands-on with the new pirate game from the creators of ARK | PC Gamer
  6. Chersk

    Hades Star

    I'm very early in on this game but it seems pretty neat and well done. Check it out if you're into this sort of thing. Hades' Star Hades' Star is an original strategy game, designed from the ground up for phones and tablets. It offers a large, persistent, constantly growing, connected...
  7. Chersk

    Darkfall - Rise of Agon

    I searched and didn't see any threads for RoA so here it is. Darkfall Rise of Agon - Sandbox MMO Adventure Original Darkfall is by far my favorite MMO of all time. No game has come close to scratching as many itches as Darkfall. High skill cap, true FPS combat with zero auto hit abilities...
  8. Chersk


    I stumbled onto this game last night and ended up playing it for about six hours straight. Very fun tactical squad warfare type game mixed with RTS. The line of sight mechanics and in game voice really made some thrilling and hilarious moments. This game shows a ton of promise.