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    Name some good PC FpS

    I just got a new PC that can handle anything I throw at it, so I'm in the mood for some shooting. What are your best single player fps experiences the last couple of years? I already played the Far Cry games and Metro Exodus Enhanced.
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    LukHash - Big in Japan

    Posting this since I think this guy deserves some recognition. I've been listening to his stuff for years and this is the most mainstream he's done so far: And a little bonus for the really old school, Spy vs. Spy:
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    4 player co-op games

    Help me out fellas! I'm looking for some suggestions for 4 player co-op games :) Maybe buying some on sale now for playing later. - Campaigns preferred - 3D preferred - must be online co-op So far we loved Borderlands 2 + 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Strange Brigade, WoW classic (didn't hold...
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    Game Crossovers

    Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to play a character from one game (including behaviour) in another? All I want for christmas is playing HotS characters (especially Butcher) in 1st person shooters like Counter Strike. Or be a Counter Strike sniper in WoW. Or... the possibilities...
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    AI Upscaling

    I didn't realize how far this has come. Render low, show high!
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    Poll Games for 10-14 LAN players

    Hey guys, I'm going to a LAN party this weekend, for the first time in like... 15 years. We will be 10-14 players or so during the whole weekend. We have a good internet connection. Any suggestions for games that will give us a good time? Team Fortress 2 is the only one that comes to mind...
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    What Is Orcs!? 2

    I made this. Playable in a web browser: What Is Orcs !? 2 I think it's pretty fun, if a bit challenging ;) If posting your own stuff is frowned upon, please kill me.