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  1. Rangoth

    Gaming PC: Premade/Click to Buy Recommendations

    Sorry for making a new thread. I swear there was a thread for this already buy I cannot find it for the life of me. Anyway, I am looking for a recommendation or experience if anyone has ordered a gaming PC before from one of those sites that build them for you. I used Alienware in the past and...
  2. Rangoth

    Dragon Quest: Heroes II

    Anyone played this or know anything about it? It looks pretty neat but has 0 steam reviews and at 60$ it's got a premium game price for what may be shit.
  3. Rangoth

    Shop Heroes

    Do you have what it takes to be the next Shop Hero? Anyone play this game? I find it pretty fun actually. Basically you run an item shop. You make weapons and armor and stuff and then you have heroes which you can send on quests. You do not actually do any fighting, but you equip them which...
  4. Rangoth

    Soul Hunters - LFM players

    Anyone play soul hunters on want to join my guild? :) Shameless plug but I've been playing a while in my own guild and have a lot of items and stuff built up but could use 4-5 members to help with raids and pvp. I don't want it to be huge, would prefer to keep it small. Also, if you don't play...
  5. Rangoth

    Park City, UT

    Hey all, Just rented a condo in Park City, UT for a few months to try and enjoy the summer. Anyone in the area want to meet up? I'm in to everything from camping and backpacking, mountain-biking, bar hopping, mudding in trucks, or just bbq. Got a few other friends in the area but if there are...
  6. Rangoth

    Anyone live in or near Wien?

    I am going to be in Wien for September and I was wondering if anyone that lives in the area wanted to meet up for drinks/food. Please don't be a complete mouth-breather. Also taking any recommendations on hidden hole-in-the-wall bars I should check out.
  7. Rangoth

    Request for help from the Rerolled wagon

    I know I will probably get the flames for this, but whatever...Tuco said I could try so it's worth a shot. Recently a friend of mine and his girlfriend were walking home from a bar and got hit by a drunk driver. She died at the scene and he's in critical condition. Anyway the link to...
  8. Rangoth

    'Merica Mutha fuckas

    Yo....Ok, I don't really talk like that but whatever. I am about to drive across country in my RV to relocate to the Spokane/Seattle/Denver/Boise/Portland area(I have not decided). Any of you homos on the path? I may have a friend with me, Should be taking 2-3 weeks and stopping at most national...