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  1. Rabkorik

    WoW Ascension (Classless Realm)

    I didn't see a thread about this and wondered if anyone had tried it. Project-Ascension: Classless Realms It's a timelocked server currently in Vanilla. The gimmick is you allocate your own stats and pick your own abilities/talents as you level. A few friends and I started up last night on...
  2. Rabkorik

    Blueprint Software

    Wasn't sure where to put this. Here is what I'm looking for - some kind of software where I can open a pdf blueprint (for electrical) and make different markings (preferably 4+ symbols available). The cherry on top would be if the software could create a count for each different symbol...
  3. Rabkorik


    We are going to look around / hopefully pick up a natural gas grill tonight. Does anyone have any strong recommendations for brands?